History for Movies

Only 10 days left to make 10,000 trees into a film

Talk about an amazing story! 10 years ago, Victor Kaufmann decided that his land needed trees and decided to plant 10,000! This spring he will be planting his very last tree. Fascinated by all things living, Victor finds it hard to imagine that human beings are ravenously plundering and trashing such a miraculous Earth to […]

The forecast is looking Partly Cloudy

I had the pleasure of watching this adorable short film Partly Cloudy from Pixar the other day. It’s directed by Peter Sohn and produced by Kevin Reher and was shown with Up in cinemas. When I was younger and 3D was something new and expensive, the short films at the beginning were what I most looked forward to […]

The original Garden of Eden

For the past few years, whenever I thought of Iraq I could only think about war. Last night, however, I watched a one hour BBC program called Miracle in the Marshes of Iraq that changed the way I view Iraq probably for the rest of my life. Southern Iraq was once lush with thousands of […]

The Great(est) Debaters

I watched The Great Debaters a couple months ago, but it was such a great movie that I knew I had to share it on here eventually. Today is the perfect time for me to share it with you. As soon as I watched the trailer, which I found coincidentally, I knew I had to […]

One movie to rule them all

J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is my very favorite movie trilogy and one of my favorite book series. I know that technically it’s three movies, but I see it as a whole and always try to watch it that way. My family and I attempt to watch it every year around […]

Movies making a difference

I watched a few movie trailers today over at Apple’s iTunes movie trailers page and I thought it’d be nice to round up all of the movies that I’d like to watch this year about making a difference and changing the world for the better. The first two are the ones I watched earlier today and […]

The perfect holiday

The Holiday has become one of my favorite holiday movies. It’s got the perfect amount of charm, romance, and joy. The storyline of the movie is different from any I’ve ever watched: two women participate in a home exchange after being cheated by the men in their lives. Amanda (Cameron Diaz) lives in L.A. and […]

eat, pray, love/read, watch, listen

Elizabeth Gilbert has become quite the celebrity with her book Eat, Pray, Love followed by the film of the same name – and for good reason. I finally got to watch Eat Pray Love after months of  anticipation. I had wanted to watch it ever since I watched the first trailer many months ago and […]