History for Food

Life tip #21: Eat mindfully

Happy Monday and week to all of you! Lately I’ve been thinking about eating mindfully on a daily basis, about midway through each meal. I first heard about mindful eating in an article on Care2 (I’m betting it was one of these great articles: How to Become an Intuitive Eater, Mindful Eating and Tuning Into […]

Life tip #20: Drink plenty of tea

Good Monday to all of you! A little while back I asked for you to share your life tips with me and the lovely Brandi of Not Your Average Ordinary shared quite a few! One she suggested was “take time for tea” and, if you know me or have been around here on Four Leaf […]

Fruit smoothies go great with everything… especially vegan French toast

I think it’s safe to say I spoiled myself the day this was my breakfast (although, I didn’t eat all of it myself). Thanks to my Thursday fasting, I’ve been taking extra time to make a scrumptious breakfast the following morning. I found this delicious and simple recipe on the wonderful VegWeb. French toast is another one […]

I won a giveaway! Mail + books: what’s not to love?

Can you tell how happy I am to have won these books? Rachel of Eat and Write had a whole week of giveaways and offered not one, but two books (shown above), on one of her days. The two books are The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen and The Oxford Book of Health Foods: The […]

Break me off a piece of that loaf, please!

I urge you to take a few minutes and watch this short documentary about San Francisco’s bakery Tartine Bakery & Cafe and its baker Chad Robertson and his love for Tartine bread. Every time I see this video or the photography from this cookbook, all I want to do is eat a whole loaf of […]

Make the world a better place with Pure Citizen

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many votes for eco-finds/products in the poll. Well, have I got the site for you! Pure Citizen is full of eco-finds/products all wrapped up in a beautiful package. I found out about them from Vegansaurus and have been hooked since! I was so excited when Pure Citizen accepted […]

Life tip #15: Respect

Every time I write, see, think the word “respect”, I want to bust out in song (which, now that I’ve found the song to link here for this post, I’ll gladly listen to while writing this out). “R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Find out what it means to me!” Well, respect has a lot of meaning to me, and […]

The delicious taste of samosas in a bowl

Allow me to introduce to you one of my new favorite dishes. I’ve made this three times already and while working on this post right now, I’m shocked I didn’t make it a forth time (thank you, fasting)! When I lived in London, I did a summer internship with PETA Europe. They covered my lunch […]

A visit to the farmers’ market

Every Saturday and Tuesday during the warmer months, Schaffhausen, Switzerland has a farmers’ market. I’d never had a market available so close to where I live so I was thrilled to find out and start buying and eating these fresh fruits and vegetables. I love being able to pick and choose exactly what apples I’d […]

A world without bees is a world without humans

For my second One Green Planet article, I wrote about the plight of bees and how it will effect everyone and everything in this world. I’ve touched upon this subject before in a previous post of mine, but this article is much more elaborate and even I learned many things I didn’t know before when […]