Quinoa + carrots + chickpeas dinner

I’ve loved food recipes with photos and more than just words ever since I saw images of IKEA’s cookbook. I’ve seen a ton innovative recipes all over the internet and I thought it was about time I tried out my own version. What do you think?

Check out my recipe in detail…

I was craving something healthy and filling so I decided to finally get out the quinoa that’s been sitting in the cupboard and mix in some other healthy foods. The first time I made this I steamed the carrots and chickpeas, but the second time I boiled them (I forgot I steamed them the first time!). In case you’re wondering, the spinach looks like that in the photo because I had just washed it so it’s still wet. Both times this meal ended up tasting better than I expected and everyone loved it!

About 1 cup quinoa
3 medium carrots
1 can chickpeas
Salt + Pepper
Herbs + Spices (cinnamon)
A few bunches of leafy greens – I used spinach and rocket (optional)

I didn’t measure out the quinoa. I just used as much as I thought we’d all eat. Keep in mind that it grows about 1/3 when cooked. Rinse the quinoa, put in a pan, and add double the water. When it starts to boil, cover and simmer for 10 minutes, turn off, let sit for five minutes on heat or until all water has evaporated. Prepare the carrots and chickpeas while quinoa is cooking. If you have a steamer, I definitely suggest using it! Peel and cut the carrots then add them into a pot or frying pan with just enough water to cover the bottom (I used the liquid from the chickpeas to add more flavor). Add a pinch or two of cinnamon. Once the carrots are getting soft, toss in the chickpeas. Season the quinoa with herbs. Salt and pepper the carrots/chickpeas. When all of the water has evaporated from both the carrot/chickpea mixture and quinoa, add it all together and mix well. Put it on your plate and decorate with leafy greens.

I thought the plate was fitting. As always, let me know if you try this recipe. Have a plentiful day!

  • http://macabrerose.soft-resonance.net Zoya

    I think recipes with pictures are great, not only are they more visually stunning but they alos make them easier to follow :)

  • Eva

    I agree, Zoya. I think I’ll continue making recipes more like this. It may take about fives times longer, but I think it looks so much better and adds a bit more personality. Like you said, it’s easier to follow. Thanks for returning and commenting; I really appreciate it!

  • http://little-white-whale.com/ Gloria

    i’ve never tried cooking quinoa myself yet – this looks like a great place to start!

  • Eva

    Quinoa is super healthy, Gloria, so I definitely suggest trying it out. I’d be thrilled to know that I led to you eating quinoa!

  • Misty :)

    This looks like an interesting meal. I haven’t quite decided on it yet though. I’m not a huge fan of carrots, I have NO clue what chickpeas are (although I have heard of them) and I have never even heard of Quinoa before. I’m glad that you said you added cinnamon to it!! That definitely makes me want to actually try it now though! Once I do, I will definitely let you know what I think :)

    And I LOVE the picture and the words! The quote is so true!! You did an awesome job with this post :)

  • Eva

    Oh, Misty.. you and carrots! Chickpeas.. really?! In other words, garbanzo beans. They’re what hummus (you know, one of my favorite foods!) is made from. If you’re wanting to eat healthier foods, this was definitely a healthy and tasty meal. I added cinnamon for taste and also because it’s super healthy as well. Please do let me know if you ever make it! I’m so glad you like the words on the photo like this. I’m liking it quite a bit myself. :) Thank you!

  • http://o-my-darling.blogspot.com Oh, My Darling

    Mmm, quinoa is the best!!

  • Misty :)

    Well, as soon as I can find the ingredients and have time to make it, I will definitely try!! I had NO idea cinnamon was actually good for you!!! I thought it was a kinda bad spice..ha, I learned something today :)

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