The most beautiful flower of them all

When I wrote about organic cotton a while back, a few people told me they’d never heard or thought about clothing being organic so I imagine this will be even more surprising to some. Flowers, just like food, are mostly grown with pesticides and toxic chemicals. This is not only harmful to the flowers themselves, but for the people who come in contact with the plants (farmers and customers, i.e. you), and the environment and animals. Just think about how many flowers are produced all year round and what do people do when they first get flowers? That’s right, they put them right up to their face and breathe in. Before you decide to stop liking flowers all together, let me tell you about something that makes your ordinary flowers that much more beautiful: organically grown flowers. No pesticides, just all natural… the way flowers should be!

The organic movement is becoming so huge and readily available everywhere these days, even for flowers. There are a ton of online shops that sell organic flowers and, depending on where you live, you may even have it available in a flower shop nearby. If you’re interested in shopping online, I found a few different spots: Organic Style, Organic Bouquet, California Organic Flowers, EcoTulipsFlorganic, and Eco Business Links has a whole list of places. Also, I recently found an article through The Huffington Post that led me to an article on The Daily Green which features places you can purchase fair trade and organic flowers.

If you were planning on buying flowers for someone this Valentine’s Day, make sure that they’re organic! They’ll be that much more special and beautiful!

  • Ashley


    I never knew that there were organic flowers. Thanks for sharing!

  • Gloria

    interesting! i always buy my flowers from farmers markets, so i’m really hoping they’ve been organic

  • 4 leaf clover

    Wish there is a standard on what is consider to be organic, just because it has a label on it, doesn’t mean that they are truly “organic”.

  • Eva

    Ashley – I’m glad I posted this feature about organic flowers then!

    Gloria – You know, it’s really tough to tell with markets. Often times even food won’t be labeled as organic due to the cost of getting that label, but they can be. The best thing to do is ask.

    4 leaf clover – Nice name. ;) I know that with food in the US, it HAS to be organic to have that label or the company can get sued. The USDA has very strict laws about the label “organic”. It’s phrases like “all natural”, “pure”, etc. that you need to be careful with. I can’t say for sure, but I imagine it would be the same with organic flowers. The websites I listed wouldn’t sell non-organic flowers, but when purchasing at a store, just make sure to double check.

  • Misty :)

    Wow! I had NO idea their were “organic” flowers. I mean, this is going to be weird and kinda contradictory to what i just said BUT…I thought there were regular flowers and the flowers you can buy at the store. For instance, I know at my work, there are sooo many chemicals sprayed onto those flowers when we get them in. Heck, the chemicals are what keep them from being as pretty and big as what they should be. I don’t know…I just figured that there were the wildflowers in fields and such and then flowers you buy at the store. I didn’t know they sold organic flowers. Thats so cool though!

  • Eva

    Misty – I really wish they didn’t spray chemicals on flowers in stores. I bet they get enough of that before they even reach the store. It all comes down to caring and truly paying attention. Pesticides are the easy and quick way of getting bugs to stay away from plants, but most insects actually help out in nature, that’s why they are there in the first place. Those flowers had to come about somehow! We all learn something new every day. I know that’s true for me especially now with my blog!