Homemade hummus

Hummus has become one of my very favorite foods and it’s become a staple for my diet ever since I became a vegan vegetarian living in London. It was rare to not find hummus in every store containing food. In Indiana there were a few stores that had a variety of hummus. Switzerland… not so much. After about a week of searching stores and not finding any (nor anyone who knew what hummus was), I got out my Vegan Feasts by Rose Elliot which is a vegan cookbook given to me as a gift from my friend Kat. After I made my not-too-successful first batch of hummus, I found a tiny container for 5CHF (about £3.30/$5.37) of hummus that didn’t taste nearly good enough for that price. I also found a can of hummus in an Asian food store in Schaffhausen, but wasn’t satisfied with that either. My brother Luke brought some hummus from London for me and I was back in heaven. British hummus is the best I’ve ever had. I constantly strive to make my hummus taste more like Sainsbury’s and Morrisons’.

Anyway, I got a food processor for Christmas! Life has been made so much easier. Making hummus is fun for once. I used to mash chickpeas with an old school wooden masher. I was dedicated; I told you I love hummus… Now my hummus is delicious, easy to spread, and it is beginning to taste a lot like what I had in London.

Continue reading for my recipe in detail…

1kg dried chickpeas (cooked)
4-5 cloves garlic
1-2 squeezed lemons
1-2 tablespoon tahini
olive oil
salt + pepper
other seasoning of choice

This recipe has been revised quite a bit to fit my liking and make the amount of hummus I’d like to have. I freeze all but one jar. Rather than following my instructions precisely (or any other recipe you find for that matter), I suggest making the hummus and tasting it as you go. Just prepare everything and toss it into your food processor as you go. I used chili as an extra seasoning, but some of my very favorite hummus flavors are roasted red pepper and roasted garlic. Those are on my to-do list!

  • http://www.notyouraverageordinary.com Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    I can’t believe hummus is this easy! Why in the world haven’t I made it before?? Yum!

  • http://sensiblyluxe.squarespace.com Gabriella

    I’ve never made hummus before, but now I want to give it a spin!
    (I’ve heard that the type of tahini you use really makes a difference–is this true?)

  • http://vivjordan.com viv @ the eclectic life

    EVA!!!!! This looks amazing and so doable! Jon and I are finishing a detox diet at the end of today so this recipe is TOTALLY going on my recipe list. Thanks for sharing!

  • Eva

    Brandi – I asked myself the same thing when I started making it. : )

    Gabriella – I could only find one kind of tahini here that tastes very nutty. I think the use of tahini makes a big difference, but I found it to be a very positive one (I used to make hummus without it before I could find any). I’d say get a plain version and decide if you like that first, then experiment if you dare! ; )

    Viv – That sounds fantastic! I’ve been wanting to do a detox diet for years!

    If any of you try making hummus, let me know how it turns out and what different ingredients you use. I’m always looking for new and improved versions!

  • http://thestylemd.blogspot.com Melissa

    Hello! I wanted to let you know that I awarded you the “Stylish Bloggers Award” on my blog. http://thestylemd.blogspot.com/2011/03/stylish-blogger-award.html

    Thanks for having a great blog!

  • http://www.avillagetown.com Krystal/Village

    i LOVE hummus but i’ve never tried to make it!!! thanks for the recipe!!! (sorry i’ve been so behind on your blog the past few days, catching up now :))

  • http://www.searchingforhealth.com Ashley

    Yummy, I love hummus. Luckily, it’s readily available in Canada, but if it’s that easy to make I may have to whip up a batch.

  • http://www.urbanscarlet.com Justine

    my co-worker made us some homemade hummus and i’m convinced that it is waaaay better than anything store bought. this recipe looks easy and very doable :) gonna try it out for sure!

  • http://hayleeatkinson.blogspot.com/ Haylee

    Yet another reason why I NEED to get a food processor. Gosh this looks so good! I too am a big fan of hummus, which is why I feel stupid saying this but I actually hadn’t known it was made from chickpeas. That’s embarrassing I know.. ha but you learn something new everyday right? :)

    As a sidenote, if you ever go to New York City, I have to tell you about this incredible hummus place. I actually think it’s called “The Hummus Place” ironically.

  • http://www.grownuprachel.com Rachel Parker

    I absolutely ADORE hummus! I wish I could eat it everyday… and maybe with your recipe I can, haha :)

  • http://pinkargyle.blogspot.com Mo

    We eat a lot of hummus (salads, sandwiches) and a friend the other day mentioned “hey, didn’t you get a food processor at your wedding? Why aren’t you making this now?” And now I have a recipe! :)
    Thanks for posting!

  • http://le-fabuleux-destin-de.blogspot.com/ Kristina

    thanks so much for sharing, I LOVE humus, it is soooo good!!

  • http://simoneleblanc.com/blog simone leblanc

    Gorgeous post! Love making fresh hummus, nothing beats it!

  • Misty :)

    So, of course I’ve heard you talk about Hummus quite a bit, but I have to ask, what IS it? And what do you eat it with??? I’ve never had it before, and truthfully, I’ve never had the desire to try it because of the name…silly, I know. But yeah, I may take a shot and try it sometime now :)

  • Eva

    Hummus is a spread and/or dip made out of chickpeas/garbanzo beans. You can eat it with carrots, celery, on bread, in a sandwich, etc. It’s very versatile. I eat it for just about every breakfast! You don’t like the word hummus?! Haha… maybe it’s because of my love for the food, but I quite like the word hummus (or houmous or humus or any other way it’s spelled)!

  • Misty :)

    Its not that I don’t like the word hummus, it just sounds weird and sounds like it would taste nasty. I know, that is so stereotypical of me. Which is why one day I WILL try hummus. That way I can’t just say I don’t like because of the name. This way, if I really don’t like it, I will have a reason to say why I don’t lol but who knows, I may just love it when I try it. We’ll just have to wait and see :)