Life tip #7: Follow the golden rule

Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful thoughts and dreams with me on last Friday’s post. I have a few new ideas for my book and got a lot of editing done this weekend so I’m getting excited about writing all over again! Today’s life tip is one we’ve all heard many times. Unfortunately, I don’t find it to be followed very often. I’m not feeling 100% percent my tip-top shape today so I’ll keep this one short. I just ask that you think about all those in your life and if you really treat them the way you wish you were treated. As always, I’ll be thinking and trying my best right along with you. I need to reflect on a few of my other life tips, too, like going on walks! Now that it’s warmer I’m sure that one will be easy. Happy Monday everyone!

  • Krystal/Village

    thanks for the reminder to be thinking of this :) :) FABULOUS weather today, I want to go run but I have a bad headache :( booo.

  • Gabriella

    Thank you for the reminder. Yesterday, I had a terrible headache (too much wine) and needed a Panera fix to make me feel better. I felt terrible, but the guy behind the counter was so nice. There were a lot of smiles exchanged and asking about days and he even gave my fiance and me free cookies! And I thought… How easy it would have been to just be quiet and monosyllabic, but looks what happens when you’re nice to people! That just made our night.

  • Rachael

    That is an important life lesson. Unfortunately I don’t tend to follow as often as I should!
    Well, I mostly do. But sometimes if you’re in a certain mood….you get my point.

  • Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    Actually, the golden rule I can follow a good deal of the time — I think my background in theatre is always there, encouraging me to imagine what it would be like in other people’s shoes. But even I could think about it a bit more, especially on a daily basis.

  • Eva

    Krystal – I wasn’t feeling up to going outside either yesterday, but it was still cold here! I think we get some of the worse Swiss weather where we are.

    Gabriella – That’s such a great story! Thank you for sharing. I hope those cookies were great! : )

    Rachael – Hah, yes… I know what you mean. I guess it’s a matter of realizing the mood and perhaps letting others know.

    Brandi – I don’t find that hard to believe at all; you’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever ‘met’!

    I find that I follow the golden rule very well when it comes to friends, but it’s with those I live with that it sometimes slips my mind. That’s something I’ll be doing my best to work on.

  • Misty :)

    This is a great tip for everyone to follow. If only it were true. This makes me really think about how I’ve been treating people though. Have I been treating people the way I want to be treated? Everyone thinks they are treating people nicely and the way they want to be treated. But if you actually sit down and think about how you REALLY treat people, probably 90% of the people realize they AREN’T treating them the best that they could. And I realize I haven’t either. This is definitely something I am going to start working on. Thanks for posting this!!