Japan weighing heavily on hearts and minds all over the world

I’m taking a break from life tips this week to focus on what’s going on in Japan.  I’m only going to post this one feature about Japan today because it would feel wrong to post a few of the other things I was planning on. It’s been hard to think about anything other than Japan since Friday morning. More than half of the news I’ve looked at is about Japan, not to mention other sites I’ve looked at. With the first reports, it didn’t seem nearly as huge as it has become, but every news update adds to the devastation and number of deaths. I can’t even begin to imagine how the country and its people are feeling. Just one home is hard enough to rebuild. If the earthquakes and tsunami weren’t enough, the country now has to deal with radiation from the nuclear plants that have exploded and more possible meltdowns that continue to threaten the people.

Ways to help Japan have shown up all over the net. Over at the Save Japan Dolphins blog, Ric O’Barry has posted a link to Charity Navigator, a website that features a variety of organizations that you may donate to and their description so that you can choose an organization that suits you best. Causes has set a donation goal. The first thing I saw in the news to help Japan was a people finder Google launched where you can either list information you know about those in Japan or look for someone. GOOD wrote about a poster you can purchase to help. There’s also a beautiful collection of different posters and the organizations behind them. You can now donate through iTunes. AT&T customers in the US can call or text Japan till the end of March for free. New York Times and Huffington Post both have a list of ways to help as well.

If there are any other links you’d like to add that I haven’t mentioned yet, please leave them in the comments and feel free to make them bold so that others can see them by adding “< strong > < / strong >” around the link (minus the spaces). If you can’t donate then please join me in sending good vibes towards Japan. I don’t know for sure if such a thing works, but thinking positively doesn’t hurt.