Orchid in bloom + fasting

This beauty has been blooming since late February and is now absolutely stunning. At first I was worried it wouldn’t have another life in it, but as you can see, it’s full of life! On some days it would be snowing outside and indoors I had this loveliness to gaze upon. Right now there are still two more buds to open. Today I went out into the yard near my home which is full of beautiful flowers. I took quite a few photos which I hope to share with all of you soon. Spring is most definitely in the air and it smells wonderful! Do you feel it yet?

Last week when I was working on my baby post, I never stopped to think about eating and my stomach didn’t tell me it was hungry. It wasn’t until quite late that I realized I hadn’t ate dinner yet. I wasn’t hungry so I decided that it was too late to eat anyway. I’ve decided to continue and start fasting every Thursday. I’ve often times read how fasting is a great way to cleanse the body of toxins and I think it’s about time I start to do so. I’m going to start slowly as to not damage my health so I’ll eliminate a meal at a time and eat raw veggies or fruits in place of certain meals. Hopefully I can stick to it! Have you ever fasted? Any suggestions/advice?

  • http://www.thirdroomstudio.blogspot.com Penelope@thirdroomstudio

    Lovely photos, such a beautiful bloom. I’ve never deliberately fasted, but I’ve often found that I don’t need an evening meal, and I try to listen to what my body tells me.

  • Misty :)

    Omg, I LOVE how you did the photos!! Its so amazing to see the buds in progress of each one blooming! This is amazing! I am so happy spring is finally here :) even if it is just raining and sorta cold out still. I just love the flowers and the sun! I can’t wait to see more of you photos! You take the best pictures ever :)

    As for fasting, I have never fasted before. I have never really even thought about it before honestly. I think if I had the will power and motivation, I could. Its just a matter of finding that. I think the best advice anyone could give you is to just try and stick to it. Don’t starve yourself though. But I like how you are going to eat fresh fruit and veggies in place of an evening meal! Thats a good idea :)

  • http://www.notyouraverageordinary.com Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    I’ve wanted to fast. I’ve tried, but my brain shuts down when my body doesn’t get food. What I try to do instead is eat more raw meals and drink lots of water. That always helps me.

  • http://slewinca.livejournal.com/ Lauren

    Ooh, I love orchids! :D So pretty. My mom has a faux orchid plant on the desk here, but I saw real ones in person for the very first time when I went to Wegmans last week. The real thing is so much more beautiful.
    I hope to feel spring in the air again; it WAS there, but then two days ago it snowed, sleeted, AND rained in one day, and now it’s just cold. :[

    I’ve never fasted, but I tend not to eat a lot of food in a day anyway. My hands are usually too busy to allow me to snack mindlessly. :p

  • http://www.featheredlove.com Jules

    I’ll sometimes do it for half a day or when I’m sick…It makes it easier and less strenuous for your body if you go about detoxing/fasting as something you routinely do…just work it in…I’ll be building up to 24 hour fasts every couple of weeks or when I feel I need it…

    Fasts are easier if you’ve eliminated bad carbs (grains) out of your diet and replaced them with something more sustainable…

    and This is my vision for spring


    Love, Jules

  • http://www.exquisitebanana.blogspot.com Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

    Such a pretty display of progression, Eva! Orchids are one of my favorite floral varieties. As for fasting? I’m with Brandi: my brain and body are closely linked. If I don’t eat, I get cranky and irritable. I’m also borderline hypoglycemic, so I need to eat every few hours even if it’s just a piece of fruit to avoid feeling dizzy. Also, with running, there’s no way my body can go without nourishment (I’d collapse!).

    But yea, I’m all for it if done safely and appropriately :)

  • http://www.awanderlustlife.blogspot.com Pilar

    I love these images and orchids are one of my favorite flowers… I currently live in Costa Rica which has the perfect climate for orchids and have several of them in my apartment, they definitely brighten my day :) Good luck with the fasting!

  • http://little-white-whale.com/ Gloria

    so lovely- you’re such a good orchid mommy! i’ve never done a real fast, but am thinking about doing some type of detox plan for a week or two…

  • http://www.lolasgirl.blogspot.com jozen @ lolasgirl

    those photos are simply amazing! i have an orchid as well, when i first got it, i was so worried about keeping it alive (i don’t have a green thumb) but it’s been a relatively low maintenance plant to keep!

  • Eva

    Thank you all for your comments! Looks as though I need to post flower photos more often! : )

    To make some things clear, I definitely don’t think anyone should skip meals unless it is in a deliberate and healthy manner. If for some reason you can’t find time to make food (like I didn’t on my Thursday), then something is not right and needs to change. Food is number one when it comes to health and time should always be made to eat a healthy meal. Even with my fasting, as I said, I’m going to work into it slowly, so I’ll do my best to eat raw veggies and fresh fruits instead of dinner, for example.

  • http://vivjordan.com viv @ the eclectic life

    These photographs are awesome! I’m impressed at your scheduled fasting routine. I fasted from Thursday night to Sunday lunch one Easter weekend in college with my bible study group. It’s amazing how much you talk about food when you’re not supposed to have it (and when we probably should have been praying more!).

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