Wild tiger population has gone up in India

I just wrote about the plight tigers are facing due to the demand for tiger products and on Sunday I started seeing news stories stating that the wild tiger population in India has gone up. A recent tiger census shows that there are about 300 more tigers now than there were four years ago. It’s only a few hundred, but it’s a great start and, needless to say, is much better than if the number had gone done that amount. While there is reason to be happy, many experts in the field are worried that the dwindling land where tigers live and roam will bring those numbers back down. Thank you to everyone who signed the pledge and, if you haven’t yet, you still can!

To find out more about the trouble tigers are facing and about this census, you can read:
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I figured this is the perfect moment for me to share these adorable tiger & piglet photos with you. I got them in an email a few years ago with a story which I’ve since learned is only partly true. A zoo switches up the babies of pigs and tigers as a tourist attraction. The animals seem to get along just fine without stress. In the email which I got these images from, at the end someone wrote “why can’t the rest of the world get along?” and I wonder, too. The Daily Mail has an article that explains the viral email and the shady business this zoo is part of such as supplying tiger products and parts which is exactly what we signed the pledge for to stop. There’s also a video you can watch of the mother tiger and piglets here.

  • Misty :)

    Omg, that is awesome that the tiger census in India has increased!!! I”m so happy things are starting to pay off!! And those pictures and the video! Omg, they are too cute!!! With the first photo, I thought someone had photoshopped the little piggy into the picture! That is interesting (and cool) that they have a mama tiger taking care of piglets! I never thought something like that would ever happen, let alone be safe for the piglets!!

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    Ohmygoodness, I cannot get over these photos!

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    This is a brilliant post, so inspired I’m soooOOO happy to hear that! Thanks for this article and sharing the magnificent photos…
    Cheers and smiles. =(^.^)=

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    ohmyGod, those photos!! cuteness overload :)

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