Getting to know me even better + a few lovely blogs

Around a month ago, I received the One Lovely Blog Award from the lovely Laloofah of Mehitable Days. I had just posted my Stylish Blogger Award so I didn’t want to overwhelm you with awards and TMI about me and so on, but it’s about time I brought this up! I was so happy because I’ve never heard about the One Lovely Blog Award, I found out that I had received it by coincidence, and, well… who doesn’t love getting a reward? Plus it’s about time I thank Laloofah for presenting the award to me. I’m so happy that you find my blog to be lovely, felt that I deserved the award, and wrote a comment so that I could get to know you and your blog!

The rules go like this:
1) Thank and link the blogger who has given you the award
2) Copy and paste the logo in your blog
3) Share 7 things about yourself
4) Nominate 15 other great bloggers
5) Comment and let them know of the award *

Oh, gosh! I don’t even know where to begin. I had a hard enough time thinking of what to write for my last award, ha!

  1. Some qualities of mine that others would consider weaknesses that I claim to be my strengths: I’m stubborn (thanks to this I’m able to stick to a goal like vegetarianism/veganism), I say what’s on my mind/I’m very direct, I like to talk out a conflict until it’s been resolved rather than dropping it, I can be very random,… just to name a few. ; )
  2. I like to eat plain lemons (whole lemons). When I was younger and people would say how important vitamin C is, I would say that I’m practically made of vitamin C since I ate so many lemons.
  3. My favorite color is yellow. The color yellow is very inspiring to me because I’d like to be more like the color: positive, upbeat, radiant.
  4. I love dark chocolate. A few people say to me “oh, no! You can’t eat chocolate now that you’re vegan!”, but they are very mistaken. E.Wedel dark chocolate from Poland is my very favorite chocolate. I’m so pleased because my uncle recently brought me a whole box of these exact bars when he came to visit!
  5. I like to play badminton. I used to play it in my backyard with my brothers and dad all the time in the summer.
  6. My music is very personal to me. I rarely suggest songs/artists to anyone unless I’m at least 75% sure they’ll like it. When someone tells me that a song/artist I’m listening to, which I especially love, is terrible, I take it very personally. If I suggested all the music I fall in love with here on Four Leaf Clover, this would probably turn into mostly a music blog, ha!
  7. I go back and forth between what I want my life to be like: whether I want to live in a big city or small community out in the woods somewhere, whether I want to buy a bunch of clothes or make my own, whether I want to go grocery shopping or plant and make all of my own food, whether I want to be a writer with an animal sanctuary or… The list goes on and on. I suppose I just need to continue living my life the way I want to and things will fall into place the way they should on their own.

* The last two bloggers who received and presented these awards didn’t inform their award winners that they had won the award and instead let them find out for themselves when visiting the blog giving the award. I quite like that idea and have chosen not just lovely blogs, but specifically readers who take the time to comment on a regular basis and let me know that they appreciate my blog and me so hopefully they’ll get a nice surprise fairly soon! I’m supposed to give the award to 15 blogs, but I wanted to pick out those who’ve been extra amazing. A few other wonderful bloggers who are equally amazing I’ve mentioned in my Stylish Blogger Award post. Thank you all, it means so much! Although, I think all of my readers are lovely and deserve an infinite amount of thank you’s.

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Also, you don’t have a blog, but thank you Misty, as well!