April showers bring May flowers… & accomplished goals?

The sun is shining and it’s warm enough to go swimming (25°C/77°F)! The weather keeps going back and forth from super warm to cold and rainy. I’m not complaining because it is April after all which means spring rain showers. I didn’t realize until I wrote “April showers” on my image above that there is a song in Bambi titled Little April Showers. Very fitting with my plate (which I’ve had since childhood). Today is Thursday which means fasting! Fresh fruits and vegetables are in season and because of that more readily available which makes my fasting so much easier. I just had a snack of strawberries and I’m thinking of grapefruit for dinner.

I love how Kim of Fill Your Well writes goals for each month. It’s a great way to keep track of progress and what has yet to be done. I thought it was a pretty good idea for me to write down my goals as well so here they are:
I’m thinking I’ll write down little daily goals as well to simplify things a bit. Today I finally went through and cleaned out one of my email inboxes (not my eva@fourleafcloverblog.com email) and it felt so nice! I ate those fresh strawberries and they tasted quite nice, as well. So the things I wish to accomplish listed above are my big goals which I’ve mentioned a few times before. When writing my daily goals, I think I’ll put aside about an hour for each of the ones I’ve written above. When my uncle came to visit, I went on long walks every day and I didn’t even realize how much I’d missed it.

A quick summary on the top three goals:
1) I wrote to a program in France and they told me they’re going to post their projects for this summer on their site soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
2) After going through and reading my book, I’ve decided I want to expand… a bunch! I have so many more ideas that I need to add in.
3) With blogging, looking for volunteer programs, editing my book, and just life, I’m sorry to report that there hasn’t been much progress on my school search. I have realized, though, that I want to study and help animals more than anything.

So, that’s me! What are your goals? How do you keep track of the most important ones?