Helium Hearts, we’re falling skyward

This song lifted me right up into a great mood this morning and I thought it was the perfect song and video to leave you with for the weekend. Jason Reeves is originally from Iowa and is now in California. I first heard of Jason thanks to Colbie Caillat as he co-wrote many of her songs. He has an album coming out this summer with Helium Hearts being the first single. If the songs are going to be anything like this one, I am definitely looking forward to it! From what I’ve read (in a YouTube comment from JasonReevesMusic), this video is completely real and the people who receive the balloons are not actors. Simple things like that make videos like this that much better. This video is contagious. Plus, there’s a vespa! I only hope that the balloons are biodegradable!

  • http://www.notyouraverageordinary.com Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    This song is so beautiful, Eva, and the video is so sweet. It’s nothing less than perfect for my Saturday morning.

  • http://sensiblyluxe.squarespace.com Gabriella {sensiblyluxe}

    The song is great, and the video makes it that much more special. I love that it has real people, not actors. So feel-good!
    (PS I love Vespas!)

  • http://allthingsami.com allyn

    wonderful song. huge colbie fan + wasn’t disappointed with this sweet video. thanks for sharing. will be looking out for his album.

    p.s. thanks for visiting my blog + leaving a sweet comment.

  • http://www.jenni-austria-germany.blogspot.com jenni-austria-germany

    i think this just confirms by suspicions that i should get a vespa…..thanks for the sign! ;)

  • Misty :)

    Aww, I love that song!! And the video! It makes me want to get it for my iPod now!! That is awesome they went and gave heart balloons to strangers! It makes the video that much more special! Especially being able to see their reactions to getting these balloons! It was a great idea!!

    I love your taste of music! At least, what you are posting on your blog! And some of the things you have had me look up! Love this post! Thanks for posting this :)

  • Rachael

    Love the video! That is totally awesome. Love the red balloons…
    And the song is really upbeat. Like it a lot.