A cat cuddles and plays with a group of dolphins

I share quite a lot of videos with all of you, but with videos as adorable as this, how could I not? I saw this video on the Huffington Post last night and was tempted to share it immediately, but as it was already so late and I had a nice vegan breakfast theme going, I resisted. But now here it is in all of its glory. I urge you to pass it along and give the gift of a smile to someone else. At first I thought these were wild dolphins, but every happy story almost always seems to have a sour spot and, in this case, that happens to be that these dolphins are in captivity. The Huffington Post started off its article with the words “[a]nimals sure know how to show humans a thing or two about getting along” and I hope that one day soon we will being to learn.

  • Misty :)

    Aww, this video was so cute!!! The cat in the video looks an awful lot like Maggie too (the cat that lives across the street from us)! I wanna go swim with the dolphins now! That would be totally cool. Every time we go to Florida, we always see dolphins out in the ocean. It is so cool! We can never get close enough to touch them though but thats ok. Just seeing them is pretty cool! Love the video! Thanks for sharing it :)

  • http://www.notyouraverageordinary.com Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    I love it!! I’ve been in a bit of a cranky mood this morning, but this totally pulled me out of it! Thank you, Eva.

  • http://www.magdalenaseyes.blogspot.com Ana

    That cat isn’t helping my cat fever, it’s making it worse… what an adorable kitty!

    I have never seen dolphins but I would love too, specially after seeing this video :)

  • http://vivjordan.com viv @ the eclectic life

    The song “I just can’t get enough” comes to mind.

  • http://www.avillagetown.com Krystal/Village

    i saw this earlier and it made me melt!!!

  • http://www.searchingforhealth.com Ashley

    Thanks for sharing. Animals make the world so much better.

  • http://www.exquisitebanana.blogspot.com Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

    Hi love! Just wanted to let you know that it’s saying the video is private when I try to play it. Hoping it’s not so I can sneak a peek.

  • Eva

    Thank you for all of your beautiful comments everyone, I’m so glad so many of you love this video!

    Kayla – Thank you for pointing that out. Why in the world would the owner of the video make it private after millions of views!? I’ve got another one up now so hopefully you’ll be able to watch it. : )

  • http://onesydneyroad.com Piper

    Ok, this is so adorable!! Gave me a smile this morning!

  • http://sensiblyluxe.squarespace.com Gabriella {sensiblyluxe}

    Oh my that is simply incredible! I have a fondness for kitties and dolphins–who knew they could play together like that?

  • http://little-white-whale.com/ Gloria

    so sweet and funny!! i was afraid the cat would fall into the water while trying to play with his new dolphin friends :-)

  • http://www.fillyourwell.blogspot.com kimbirdy

    this is the cutest thing ever!! first off, i can’t believe that cat is so cool with a giant body of water, but to also risk falling in to get cuddly with a dolphin… amazing!

  • Meredith

    I’m just now trying to watch this but the video has been removed :(

  • Eva

    Meredith – This is the second time it’s been changed! I’ve gone ahead and put in a new working video and I’m crossing my fingers this one doesn’t get removed, too!

  • http://www.wildquest.com/dolphin-encounters.php Dolphin Encounters

    I was googling about dolphins and I found this site. I was a bit excited about the video but sadly, I can’t watch it because it says “the video is private”.

    I really love dolphins. I’ll make sure that I may able to swim with them some day.