If I were to wrap a gift today…

I’d wrap it in these! Aren’t they beautiful? Plus they’re 100% organic cotton with soy-based inks. I saw these fabric wraps on Oh Joy! and was reminded of the best way to wrap a gift: furoshiki! In Japan, this method of wrapping and carrying around items has been popular for years, but only fairly recently have I seen this online as a great way to wrap gifts. My favorite way to go about this would be to wrap the gift(s) in a scarf so that, technically, the recipient receives two amazing gifts that they can reuse in many ways! I’ve posted a video below that shows a few wrapping techniques and here’s even more. Why in the world use wasteful wrapping paper when you can furoshiki?

(Image clickable straight to source: ChewingTheCud)
  • http://www.fillyourwell.blogspot.com kimbirdy

    it’s super cute too! i never buy wrapping paper. i usually use paper bags or magazine pages since that’s what i usually have on hand. i love the scarf idea too though for people who wear scarves!

  • Misty :)

    That is so cool! I never thought of wrapping gifts like that! I may try it this christmas when I go to wrap gifts! Or atleast for the people who I know where scarves! This is such a neat idea! I can’t wait to try it out :)

  • Eva

    Kimbirdy – That’s always a great way, too. Reduce-reuse-recycle! : )

    Misty – You don’t have to use it as a scarf (that’s just my idea)! One of the links I mentioned has a whole bunch of cool ways anyone could use the fabric wrap: http://www.re-nest.com/re-nest/fabric-textiles/8-ways-to-use-a-furoshiki-cloth-127626 I quite like the bag idea!

  • Misty :)

    Yeah, but I really like the scarf idea! I think for Christmas at my dad’s house, that would be a hit since we have the option of which gift we choose! Plus, that means they’re getting 2 gifts in one!

  • http://www.notyouraverageordinary.com Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    I do love the idea of reusable gift wrap. Frankly, one can never have too many tea towels — at least in my opinion.

  • http://www.vegginout.vg Alexandra (Veggin’ Out in the Kitchen)

    Oh that’s so cool!! I would love to wrap gifts in those!! :D

  • http://vivjordan.com viv @ the eclectic life

    Love this creative wrapping!

  • http://www.jenni-austria-germany.blogspot.com jenni-austria-germany

    this is such a pretty idea. my ex boyfriend once wrapped a present for me in a flannel shirt of his because he didn’t have any paper. it wasn’t this cute, though. ;)

  • http://luluwraps.com Deb

    My sister and I just started making fabric wraps and selling them through our website. We have them in several sizes and even with waterproof lining, for lunches! Let me know what you think!

  • Eva

    Jenni – That’s still pretty cute if you ask me. : )

    Deb – That’s so great, I’m so happy to see furoshiki getting more well-known and used! Thank you for sharing!