This little girl went to the Christmas market

On Wednesday, I went to Basel, Switzerland and was lucky enough to have gone while it held it’s annual Christmas Market. From some of the things I’ve read, it appears to be the largest and most traditional Christmas market in Switzerland.

The Christmas lights hanging from the buildings were quite a sight on their own.

I loved these tree tables – so unique!

The more than 140 booths consisted of food, clothing, dishes, toys, jewelry, ornaments and decorations, etc. You could definitely get all of your Christmas shopping done here.

Basel’s Christmas market has the longest illuminated Christmas street in Europe. From what I could see, it had a few side streets, one main street, and the market in the center that looked and felt like a mini Christmas village all packed tightly together.

An extremely red toy animal Christmas town display.

Some of the little stores sold fairytale carvings which just added to the magical vibe. Unfortunately, the pictures came out too dark for me to show you one of those booths.

This was one of my favorite booths. I wouldn’t mind having some of these lovely wooden dishes in my kitchen.

Many of the streets we walked on to get to and from the market had these tall Christmas trees against the walls decorated in lights. A really nice touch to spread the festivities around the city.

It was freezing, but definitely worth it. Next time, I’ll make sure I have plenty of times to browse each and every booth.