This little girl went to the Christmas market

On Wednesday, I went to Basel, Switzerland and was lucky enough to have gone while it held it’s annual Christmas Market. From some of the things I’ve read, it appears to be the largest and most traditional Christmas market in Switzerland.

The Christmas lights hanging from the buildings were quite a sight on their own.

I loved these tree tables – so unique!

The more than 140 booths consisted of food, clothing, dishes, toys, jewelry, ornaments and decorations, etc. You could definitely get all of your Christmas shopping done here.

Basel’s Christmas market has the longest illuminated Christmas street in Europe. From what I could see, it had a few side streets, one main street, and the market in the center that looked and felt like a mini Christmas village all packed tightly together.

An extremely red toy animal Christmas town display.

Some of the little stores sold fairytale carvings which just added to the magical vibe. Unfortunately, the pictures came out too dark for me to show you one of those booths.

This was one of my favorite booths. I wouldn’t mind having some of these lovely wooden dishes in my kitchen.

Many of the streets we walked on to get to and from the market had these tall Christmas trees against the walls decorated in lights. A really nice touch to spread the festivities around the city.

It was freezing, but definitely worth it. Next time, I’ll make sure I have plenty of times to browse each and every booth.

  • Lauren

    Ooh…I would’ve loved that. So festive and pretty and cheerful! ♥
    Looks like they sold lots of neat stuff, too. I love the ornament display; sooo many! And so big. o.o
    I wish the fairytale carvings pics had turned out good. I would’ve liked to have seen those. :[
    The way the streets are decorated reminds me of the streets in downtown Harrisburg during Christmas; no trees up against buildings, but there are lights strung across streets and intersections, and decorations on every lamppost.
    Those snowflake ones there in the Christmas Market are pretty fantastic; if I saw them in Harrisburg, my jaw would drop in awe. :o

  • Eva

    It was great being there. I don’t know what tree would be able to hold those ornaments, ha… but they sure were beautiful.
    I’m sorry. I just had one photo and it was so dark that you could hardly tell what was in the picture.
    You’ve made Harrisburg sound lovely – I’d love to see it covered in decorations!

  • Misty :)

    This would have been awesome to have seen!! It reminds me of the ethnic expo, except for all the christmas stuff. I REALLY liked the lights! Those were so pretty!! And the tree tables. Those were really cool looking. Heck, I liked all the pictures! Makes me wish I could have gone with you!! That would have been awesome!! It looks like you’re having a great time! Which is definitely a good thing to hear/read :)

  • Eva

    I definitely wish I had been able to spend more time there and being with you would have made it that much better! Thanks, Misty!

  • Haylee

    haha Eva you’re comments totally made my day. That’s awesome you didn’t realize I didn’t have a hand! How funny, I’m sure you wondering why on earth I wouldn’t use both gloves then. :)
    This market looks incredible, I am a huge fan of things like this. Too bad I live about 5,000 miles away huh? haha oh well, maybe someday.

  • Eva

    Hi Haylee – Comments on blogs are a few of my favorite things! ;) These type of markets are all over Europe, but I’m sure there are some in just about every country around the world. I wouldn’t have known about this market (or any market in Europe) had I not been informed/sought them out.

  • chasing heartbeats

    I wanted to make it to the Basel Christmas market this year, but sadly things were crazy as always before the holidays. Christmas Markets are my favorite, the Strasbourg market is crazy (the largest outside of Germany) and next year I am making good on my promise to experience as many as possible…. maybe we will make it to Basel.

  • Eva

    Chasing Heartbeats – This was my first time at a Christmas market (that I can remember anyway) and I wasn’t able to stay and explore for too long. I’ll definitely be visiting more in the future! I hope you get to make it to the Basel one soon!