Fantasy fiction novels & why they belong on FLC

Someone mentioned to me that a few of my readers may be confused as to why I post action alerts about how to help animals, the environment, human rights, vegan recipes and then do what seems like a 180 and feature a fantasy fiction book review. In my “welcome” to the side I mention that I want to make this world a better place through my blog posts, even if it’s only to get a smile out of one person. These type of reviews fit into this category, but they’re so much more than just that. Fantasy fiction books are the ones that wake me up and ignite the most creativity in me. I am a writer and I have a desire to share my ideas and stories with this world and all those in it. Books like Reckless by Cornelia Funke spark that flame that sometimes dies down with other responsibilities and desires.

There was one summer before my senior year of high school where I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer. I was quite serious, looking up university courses and enrolling in my high school fashion & textiles class. Then I went on vacation to my favorite place in the world, Awenda Beach in Canada where I spent many summers of my childhood camping and swimming. With me I took a few books to read, one of which was Magyk, the first book in the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage. I wish I had written down my thoughts after reading it to share with you because that book changed my life. I’d had many different ideas about what career I wanted to have “when I grew up”, but after every idea I’d return to wanting to be an author. After reading Magyk, my mind never changed again. I may have other ideas as well, but I know I want to be a writer. Magyk overflows with magnificent new and fresh ideas and I found myself time and time again wondering “where did she come up with that?!”. I want to make that same difference in someone else’s life. I want to awake their creativity, inspire them, and make their lives better. One of those ways is by informing you of the greatness I’ve come upon in my life and I want to share all of the goodness with you.

I promised to share these photos with you a long time ago and just recently remembered about them. I thought they went along with this post quite well (I find that I like to show beautiful flower photos with my personal posts).

So, I’d love to hear: what is your version of what fantastic fantasy fiction books are to me? What inspires you more than anything and gets your creativity flowing?

  • Krystal/Village

    plus, it’s your blog and you can do what you want! ha!

  • kimbirdy

    that’s awesome. i mean, we bloggers are a lot more than just a few things which we choose to use as our blog’s theme. people are dynamic and have all sorts of interests, passions, and joys. so i appreciate when you share things that aren’t necessarily all about the planet. also, i think sharing multiple pieces of yourself helps other people out there see that there is no cookie-cutter mold into which they must fit, and that is a truth we need to be spreading more!

    for me, it’s music. i get so much inspiration from making music, hearing music, seeing music {i sometimes see music due to my synesthesia}. to be able to sing and create that music with others is so thrilling and inspiring. there have definitely been specific musical experiences which have changed my life in all sorts of wonderful ways, and i hope to be able to explore music in therapy more as i become an experienced therapist and eventually get my PhD.

  • Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    I’m a huge fantasy fiction fan too (especially teenage books) — they just take me away to wonderful worlds that are still filled with magic. Right now, one of my favorites is The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel. Have you read those books yet? I need to pick up these Septimus Heap ones. Here’s the thing: your blog is YOUR blog. You should share what you love and what you’re passionate about here, and if that means a bit of a 180 sometimes, so be it. I love you for it.