Unique, colorful & handmade backpacks

How about tossing one of these over your shoulder? The last time I looked for a backpack, I had a lot of trouble finding a colorful, but not childish one. These backpacks would have been perfect. I saw them on Ecouterre and liked them not only for the style, but because they’re made from recycled materials like umbrellas and buttons found at a flea market in Berlin. These backpacks are handmade by Annika Blomberg and each one has its own unique story. “These backpacks are beautiful reminders that we can breathe life into abandoned things with a little love and care.” Find out more about these Anschtecka backpacks by going to the Specks & Keeping website where you can also find many other handmade pieces like clothing, decorations, etc.

(Images clickable to source: Specks & Keeping, photos by Matthew Lincoln Yake Photography)
  • Misty :)

    Aww, these are cute! I really like the yellow one! After reading this post, it makes me want to go through my stuff and start creating things myself! You know how cool that would be if I were able to make something out of something else that I don’t use anymore? I think it would be totally awesome! 1. I’m not wasting anything 2. I would save money and 3. It just sounds cool thinking about it! I would definitely have to learn how to sew (sp?) first! But either way, this is really awesome!

  • http://www.avillagetown.com Krystal/Village

    I’ve even been looking for a cool backpack…they are all trendy now but SO practical!

  • http://www.ohitsjustperfect.com Alena {Oh, It’s Just Perfect!}

    Oh, I love these! The flower one is fabulous!

  • Eva

    Misty – You should! Things that you make by yourself are so much more special and meaningful. Plus, it’s great to be able to say “I made it” when people ask “where’d you get that?” : ) I really need to make time for sewing.. I really love it.

    Krystal – I can just picture myself traveling with one of these on my back.

    Alena – I know! I love them both and wouldn’t know which one to settle on.. the one with flowers on the back or the front.

  • http://simpleblueprint.typepad.com/ joanna of sbp

    these are so much fun!

  • http://foralifeinspired.blogspot.com mary

    whoa- these are awesome!

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