What’s your advice?

Do you remember The Man’s Guide to Love? Many of you loved the idea and videos as much as I do! As soon as I posted my feature a few weeks ago, I received a friendly email from Abe of The Man’s Guide to Love. Those behind The Man’s Guide to Love are working on a companion site which will feature advice to everyone, not just men, and you can be a part of it! They’re looking for one piece of advice on any topic (it can be on love, parenting, finances, career, food, relationships, health & fitness, etc.) If you’re interested in sharing your words of wisdom, Abe wants to hear from you! He’s asked for a recorded video (quality isn’t important) or even a phone recording. Please email abe@themansguidetolove.com and let him know you’re interested! The site will be up when they’ve gathered enough advice. Let me know if you contact him and with what advice and I’ll definitely let you know as soon as the companion site is up!

  • Misty :)

    Hmmm….this sounds very interesting! If I weren’t so self-conscious on video, I would totally do it! That sounds like a totally awesome idea! You’ll have to let me know when its up so I can go check out the website!

  • http://www.avillagetown.com Krystal/Village

    that sounds really cool!!! are you going to submit something??

  • Eva

    Krystal – Like Misty, I’m too shy to record myself and send in a video. I didn’t want to take the opportunity away from anyone else participating, though, so I’ve still gone ahead and posted it. Don’t let my shyness prevent you.. it’s already preventing me and hopefully I’ll get over it soon-ish!

  • http://www.exquisitebanana.com Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

    Ah, I think I’m going to do it! I can’t resist trying to spread a bit of positivity and feeling famous for 2 minutes ;)

  • Eva

    Kayla – Awesome!! Your comment has made me so happy, ha! The more I think about it, the more I want to do it, too. I can’t wait to watch your video and hear your advice!