Help bring the wild tiger back from the brink of extinction (this month’s One Green Planet article)

I’ve written about tigers a few times before because they are in grave danger of becoming extinct within the next few years… if we don’t help them. I’ve written an article for One Green Planet that describes the many problems facing tigers and then some ways that everyone can help them. Please read it to get informed and let me know what you think! Just click on the image above and you’ll be taken straight to the article.


Kayla @ Exquisite Banana
3 June 2011 - 04:44

It blows my mind that these animals are near extinction. I really can’t wrap my brain around it. Thanks for a thoughtful and well-researched article, as always.

3 June 2011 - 14:07

Kayla – Thank you so much for reading my article and commenting! I know what you mean and the more I read about endangered animals, the more there are and the situation more severe.

Liz Longacre
3 June 2011 - 15:35

Great informative article, Eva. I never knew about “tiger wine”. I will never understand what leads people to try or want things like this, it’s boggling. Thanks for bringing light to this issue and to the ways people can help.

3 June 2011 - 16:26

Liz – Thank you for reading the article and sharing your thoughts! I’m so glad that I’m able to write these articles for One Green Planet if only to inform others of these important issues.

3 June 2011 - 18:20

tigers are such majestic creatures – the fact that they’re facing extinction is SO horribly sad. looking forward to reading your article!

3 June 2011 - 18:30

Gloria – Thank you! I hope the article brings you more hope than sadness.

4 June 2011 - 18:25

eva! your article was SO good!!!! you’re such a good writer!

4 June 2011 - 18:36

Krystal – Thank you so much for reading it and your super nice comment! It makes me so glad that you noticed. :)

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