Animal welfare organization Naturewatch has started a petition with German investigative group Animals’ Angels to put an eight-hour limit on live export journeys in the EU. Right now it is legal for animals to be transported for many day under horrific conditions. Many animals get stuck for hours on end, injured, trampled, or killed during the transport. By instating an eight-hour limit, conditions will by no means be perfect, but these animals will not have to endure this type of suffering for as long as they have in the past. If you have ever lived in Europe, please join many others in signing the petition to end long animal transports and spreading the word. Thank you!

(Original images clickable to source: 8hours.eu)


16 June 2011 - 18:39

oh that’s awful. i’ll head over to sign now.

17 June 2011 - 11:33

Thank you for reading and wanting to help, Kim! But I think only those in Europe can sign the petition.

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