This is where I live (part 2: field walks in the outskirts)

I hope that once you look through these photos, you’ll feel like I’ve taken you on a walk around my little village. I’ve been told that there are about 10 farmers that live here and tend to the many fields you see in these photos as well as animals that I plan on showing you at a later date. If you’d walk in a circle around the village, this is mostly what you’d see.

To answer some of your questions: I’ve been living here for a little over a year now, I moved here with my family, and I never really know how to answer the question “where are you from?” When I went on my Paris-Venice- Athens trip a few years ago with my friend Meredith, after being asked that for what felt like the hundredth time, I just started saying “everywhere”, ha! They all still wanted to hear the whole story as I’m sure you do, too. I’ve answered the question in a post before, but for those who missed it: Polish blood, German born, lived in Canada, USA, England, & Switzerland. I hope to add many more places to that list in my lifetime!

A little summary with a few added in details about living in this tiny town. Like I mentioned before,
I’ve called this place a “ghost town” quite often. Sometimes it looks like all of the homes are empty and it’s super quiet. At first I thought it was just this town, but then a friend visited who’d lived in another part of Switzerland and mentioned how quiet everyone is here. It’s hard to get used to! The weather is even more unpredictable than what I remember in Indiana (people in high school would joke that you just needed to drive five minutes in Indiana if you wanted different weather). Since I’m high up, I can see many other towns (which you’ll see in another part of this series) and often times they’re super sunny and it’s cloudy and cold here. Just today it was super humid in the morning and then wind and rain came in and now it feels like winter all over again. At first when I didn’t have internet (for three months), I’m surprised I didn’t go crazy, ha! I read a bunch, but there were quite a few depressing days (I’ve noticed, especially this past year, just how much the weather has an affect on me). The only negative the warm weather brings is lots of ticks, mosquitoes, and flies.

Now that we’ve gotten most of the bad things out of the way, I’ve saved the good stuff till the end. When the weather is nice, you can see people going on walks or bike riding. Most of the time, however, a big reason it’s so quiet is because people tend to travel or at least go out of town for their entertainment. The quiet is really nice most days (even if you do feel like your playing your music way too loud all the time). I love being, literally, just a few steps away from nature. It almost seems like I discover a little something new every time I go on a walk. There are many who hang their laundry outside to dry (eco-friendly, healthier, and just all-around cool). When I first got here, I don’t know if it’s because I knew it was temporary + the surroundings + the bugs (both pleasant and not so pleasant), but I felt like I was camping and I still get that feeling every once in a while (I love camping!).

I know there’s so much more I wanted to add, but for now I’ll just let you look at the pretty pictures. I’m so glad most of the photos really capture the beauty of my surroundings and the luscious greenery. I realized that I don’t have too many forest pictures and there are many forests here, so if you haven’t yet, you can check out my winter walk posts here and here.

My “magic field” which I just have to show you more photos of in another part! You’ve seen a glimpse of it before here.

That tiny little smudge of a dot at the top of the photo is the hot air balloon I showed you last week!

There are so many cherry trees here, wild and growing in what appear to be abandoned orchards.

These two photos were taken on the same day, same walk. The forest can be super dark in certain parts (I had to do a lot of lightening up on the second photo).

This sign represents the different vehicles that aren’t allowed to drive past that point. At first I thought the one on the right was a bicycle (it’s a moped) and thought it was outrageous that I couldn’t ride with my bike in so many areas, ha!

Recognize this? Check out the fourth picture of my magic field. See… told you it was “magic”! ; )

I love how people-friendly all these pathways are. There are many benches that dot the different paths here and there.

Look familiar? It’s the same place as the very first photo. P.S. That’s a cherry tree!

Phew, okay! The hardest part of this series is picking out which photographs to show you – I take too many! That’s the reason I ended up making a series of this, but it feels like I need to make a series within a series on each post, ha! Hope you liked what you saw and definitely come back next week for the third part!

Part 1: a little Swiss village

  • Mo

    Omigoodness you live in a postcard. Your home is absolutely magical (just like the field!) So so pretty.

  • Caroline

    AHHHHH it is unbelievably beautiful

  • Kristina

    Eva, those pictures are soooo pretty!!! I love the light around sunset, it is so golden and beautiful. And I love love love wildflower fields!
    Looking forward to see more next week :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  • Elisa

    So pretty! I also checked out part 1, there are so many beautiful cottages (can you call them that in Switzerland?) – is this near Luzern? Or on the French part? It is so much flatter than where I live, here there’s lots of hills!

  • Pink Ronnie

    I love these photos. They’re so beautiful and crisp. Not sure if I missed it somewhere but where do you live and where were these taken? Definitely coming back for part 3!

    (Found your blog via 77Inspire)


  • keishua

    Wow, your village is lovely. I love the pictures of the path. I am such a fan of an evening or morning stroll. I can see how you would be inspired living there.

  • Eva

    Thank you for your lovely comments everyone! : )

    Elisa – Some of the homes here look like cottages, but I wouldn’t know if that’s the “correct terminology”, hah!
    Oh boy.. no, definitely not flat here! Where some of the fields are it can be quite flat, but I get a workout after just a few minutes on a bike here or I can speed up SO fast in just a few seconds of going downhill. I’m over 600 meters above sea level. I guess it looks flat because I’m on one of the highest hills looking down. Hopefully you’ll be able to see just how much in one of my next parts! I live in the Schaffhausen canton which is the northern most canton/right next to Germany.

    Ronnie – Thank you! I’m so glad you found Four Leaf Clover and you just so happened to stumble upon it when I posted these photos! The photos and I are in Switzerland. : )

  • Misty :)

    These photos are so beautiful! Some of the fields remind me a little bit of a select few fields in Indiana. But not quite as magical or as gorgeous! It makes me wish I had moved with you! I shoulda stowed away in your duffle ;) Ha! You definitely would have gone over the 50 lb mark then!

    Haha! I seriously thought that sign (the car, motorcycle, and moped sign) had a bicycle instead of a moped too! I was wondering why you wouldn’t be able to ride your bike either!! Great minds think alike :) But thanks for clearin that up though! I was gonna ask about why you couldn’t ride your bike and then I saw your comment! lol

    Once again, amazing photos! So happy you had the awesome idea of making it into “Parts!” I can’t wait to see more photos next week!!

  • kimbirdy

    rolling hills of green and fields of flowers? it’s gorgeous there!!

  • Laloofah

    I love what Mo said about how you live in a postcard! How could you possibly ever take too many pictures? (Though I know what you mean about the challenge of sorting and selecting them!)

    Just looking at these lowered my blood pressure several points. So tranquil and peaceful! The idea of everyone being so quiet is so appealing. I live on 10 acres 6 miles from the nearest town, on a mountainside in the least populated state in the US, but have to listen to neighbors’ relentlessly barking dogs, screaming kids, 4-wheelers, dirt bikes and snowmobiles (I need one of those signs like you photographed for the entrance to our subdivision, lol!), and gunshots during hunting season. >:-( I’d love to live where it’s peaceful and serene, even if it does feel deserted sometimes!

    I enjoyed learning more about your area, some things surprised me! Your capricious weather sounds a lot like ours (maybe it’s an altitude thing?), and I didn’t imagine humidity and bugs there for some reason! (Switzerland always looks so perfect in pictures, I didn’t think mosquitos were allowed!) :-) I also enjoyed learning more about you, and think you’re lucky to have gotten to live so many diverse places and be from “everywhere!”

    My favorite photo is the first one of your “magic field,” which looks magical – as well as beautiful – indeed! I also especially love the last three photos. So, so pretty! Thanks for going to all the trouble to take, sort and share your beautiful photos and information about the beautiful place you live. Next I’m off to check out some of the links you provided to other posts I’ve missed! :-)

  • Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

    Okay miss Eva, I’ll have you know that in the past 24 hours I haven’t read any blogs but yours (no time to open the computer), but I skimmed this post on the train yesterday and before I headed out to meet some people for lunch today, I had to log in to leave you a comment.

    Your village is surreal and magical and beautiful and alive. At least, that’s how your photos capture it. My only question is, when can I visit?! ;)

    P.S. In regards to your comment on my post (re photography), I agree with every thing you said and have been thinking a lot about the same things myself. I’m considering a “part 2” some time in the future. Also, please don’t listen to whoever articulated that criticism. Your photos are stunning. Know that you have support and admiration from a fellow photo-enthusiast. xox.

  • Laloofah

    P.S. That fourth-from-the-bottom photo of the crossroads and cherry tree wouldn’t load for me yesterday for some reason, but now it has and I love it! It’s definitely included among my favorites on this post! What I wouldn’t give for a bicycle, a baguette and some fresh tomatoes, and the ability to step into that photo for a picnic and a bike ride down those lanes! :-)

  • Eva

    Once again, thank you to each one of you for your comments – you seriously make my day!

    Laloofah – I hear gunshots here all the time and there are tons of (what I hope are old) watch towers for deer. They always make me sad especially since I see so many more of those than I do deer.
    Haha.. I wish those bugs weren’t allowed into the country! I’ve been wanting to have a picnic, like you described, since I got here but either the weather or fear of bugs (that literally are everywhere!) always prevent me.

    Kayla – Thank you!! : ) I wish you could visit on your Europe trip in a few weeks, ha! I’m definitely looking forward to your part 2 “on photo taking”.

  • jaclyn @ thelateafternoon

    wow! you live in such a gorgeous place – the open blue sky and vast fields are sooo amazing. i would love to be surrounded by such beauty on a daily basis!