Their dirty feet

I’ve decided to do something a bit different for today’s Fotoquote Friday. I was thinking of doing a part for my this is where I live series dedicated solely to the sky, but then thought better of it because 1) the sky is beautiful almost everywhere in the world, 2) I already have too many photos to share with you, and 3) I thought this collage would be a cooler way to share the stunning sky with all of you.

I only wish I could share the nighttime sky with all of you because it’s the clearest I’ve ever seen. The first clear night, I was in awe of the stars and the moon. It’s true what they say about the sky being so much more breathtaking when far away from city or even small-town lights. During the day, however, the clouds often times seem to dance in colors of fire and pinks and purples. If I don’t see colorful clouds, clear skies, or rainbows, it’ll just be your usual overcast gray sky which, unfortunately, is around much more than I’d like. The skies featured are always a welcome sight.

On to the quote! I know I just posted a Gandhi quote a couple weeks ago, but after writing out my anger post and reading all of your beyond amazing and thoughtful comments, I knew I’d be using this quote. Seriously, your responses took me by surprise and I appreciated so much that you took the time to leave your thoughts. Each one of you made me feel so much better. Thank you!

Something many of you said which is true in just about every occasion when it comes to anger is that “it’s not worth it”. That anger directed at us can be compared to dirty feet that you don’t have to allow to enter into your mind. You can choose whether you want to brew that hot stew of anger or “let it go“. So maybe I did brew that pot for a while, but by the second day your words got to me in the best possible way and, let me tell you, the week got so much easier… at least when it came to that anger. Besides, it’s easier to let go of mean comments when they’re pictured as little muddy feet walking around your brain.

I still have a long way to go when it comes to fully accepting this quote into my life, but I know I’m getting there. The next time you let other people’s thoughts and opinions get to you, just remember this quote. It’s up to you to decide whether those dirty feet will enter your mind or turn right around once they get to the entrance. I hope you have a weekend full of clear skies and clean feet a clear mind!

  • Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

    You know, I find it telling that you posted about the sky today. I’ve been thinking about it so much lately and can’t stop taking pictures of it. I’m glad your week turned around. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, dollface!

  • Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    Just beautiful, Eva. I was thinking yesterday that I don’t look at the night sky nearly enough. Sadly, today it’s completely grey here in San Francisco.

    And accepting the quote and letting anger go takes time, but life is just one big learning experience, right? Hope you’re having a great weekend, darling!

  • christi @ burlap and basil

    oh, i love this quote and have never heard it before. so, so true about setting your boundaries about how you let others affect you/if you let them.

  • jaclyn @ thelateafternoon

    these sky photos and the quote are amazing. i love that summer skies are always full of colors and patterns!

  • Rachael

    Those are all skys that you’ve seen? So pretty! I love a good sky.