Life tip #22: Be nice

I hope you’re all having a very nice Monday so far! I’ve got to say I was so pleasantly surprised by all of the comments on my eat mindfully life tip last week. It’s great to see that others care so much about food/eating and that many of you already know what mindful eating is. I’ll have to keep in mind that you love talking about food as much as I do!

So today’s life tip is much easier said than done. I remember when I was younger I’d wake up and say to myself “I’m going to be nice today” and then something fell and broke, someone changed the channel when I was watching, a joke got carried away, etc… this and that and my reminder flew out the window.

I especially know that most of you reading this are nice, but even here at FLC I’ve experienced some unnecessary negativity through a comment or two. So this is just yet another friendly reminder which I hope doesn’t fly out the window at the first drop of a hat.

One way to avert from anger is to be nice and use love in place of hate. Again, easier said than done, but it’s worth giving a try… especially if you remember right in the middle of an argument. It appears that children should have a class dedicated to being nice and teaching them how to be nice in each situation. Somedays it just seems like there isn’t enough niceness in the world.

  • Ana

    I love this tip. You can go so far being genuinely nice to people.

  • Jackie | Sweet Little Thrills

    It’s hilarious to see your post because I also posted about being nice today (being nice to yourself, that is). I love the life tips + blogging tips, Eva! You’re on a roll!

  • Eva

    Ana – So true & thank you for stopping by! : )

    Jackie – Haha.. I wrote pretty much the same comment on your post right before reading this! Great minds!

  • Misty :)

    I love this tip! I have definitely been working on this a lot lately. I used to get mad about the tiniest thing and would be very hateful towards a person because of it. I am not able to let the tiniest thing slide by without getting worked up over it. And usually if I do get upset and angry about something, while I’m in the middle of gettin mad at the person and saying something, I realize its something stupid and let it go. And usually apologize if I say something that is not nice. Overall though, I do try and be as nice as possible during the day and I feel that it is slowly improving.