Maybe this is not your year

I’m going to warn you ahead of time that I’ll be posting a lot of songs by The Weepies, a married couple living in Los Angeles. I’d heard about them a while ago, but only truly discovered them a few months ago and have fallen in love.

While this tune may sound sad, it’s actually a very hopeful song. I’ll tell you a little story: A few weeks ago, right before I launched my blog, I was getting a bit overwhelmed with all of the coding and designing my blog. I decided to go on a walk even though it was raining out and the snow had all turned to sludge. I took my iPod and had it on shuffle playing all of my songs by The Weepies. Within minutes of my walk, my shoes were completely drenched and both pairs of socks soaked through (yes, I had an umbrella and tried avoiding all puddles!). I was about one-third done with my walk when I wished I could turn back around, but I realized I was still upset and my walk had not cooled me off just yet. When I was half way completed with my walk, I was so cold, wet, and uncomfortable, I wished that I could just teleport straight back home and thought this walk was a mistake. I was already half way home so I figured I might as well continue rather than turn back. Then this song came on. I was paying more attention to my thoughts than the music at the time, but some of the words caught my attention and I started listening completely. I realized that it may have been an extreme year full of ups and downs and that, maybe…maybe this was not my year and that the next could be so much better. I just needed to try harder and not give up. Even with all the bad, the good far outweighs it and I have so much to be happy about. I felt that this song fit perfectly right before the new year and, as always, wanted to share it.