Life tip #23: Embrace change

Gooood Monday to you all! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I had a run-on weekend that was packed full of busywork, but that’s completely okay because I feel as light as a feather now (well, almost) and don’t have as much to worry about on my birthday week. Besides, I need time to make a cake (I’d love some vegan cake suggestions if you have any)!

Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday this Wednesday or perhaps it’s because I know that the times… they are a-changin’, but today I felt that “embrace change” should be the life tip. While I may be very shy at times and dip my foot in the water to check how cold it is before jumping in, I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of new and different situations. If anything, I want more changes in my life and eagerly grab them when they come within my reach.

Last week, someone told me they hate change and it made me a bit sad. Change is inevitable so you might as well embrace it rather than fight with it because, no matter what, it’ll happen and you’ll just end up worn out for nothing. Friends come and go, rain pours and then the sun shines, people move to new places, things don’t go the way you planned them out… and that’s life.

How do you feel about change? Do you love it, hate it, deal with it?