Life tip #24: Live!

I wish all of you a wonderful start to what will hopefully be a lovely week! This life tip can summarize much of what I try to share/show/wake up within all of you and myself. We all go through life, but few of us ever truly live (I feel like this is a quote, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere). And what a shame that is.

I know I have much to work on when it comes to this, but I feel that I’m at least one step closer for knowing that I need to do so. From what I’ve read, heard, watched… I’m finding that the key to happiness and life is living in the present moment: the here and now. The past is gone, the future may not be there, all we have is this very moment.

How are you spending it? Stop worrying, stressing, counting. Start smiling, laughing, loving… living! These are things we do in the present moment. People don’t stop and think “I’ll laugh tomorrow when someone tells a joke” or “I’ll love that person in a week” (okay, maybe some do, but I imagine it’s not a common occurrence), we just do those things and they are so much simpler for it. We are happier for it and life is beautiful for it.

To get in the moment right now, try out this simple activity that I quite liked which is shared on Cohabitaire and just so happens to be from my father’s favorite book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

  • Gloria

    I’m definitely guilty of a wandering mind. This is a great reminder to always focus on the situation at hand and just savor it – regardless if it’s good or bad. After all, that’s life!

  • marjorie rose

    Oh Eva.. you’re so much wiser than I am. Seriously. I’ve read the books and magazines, watched the shows, listened to friends/family/folks old and young, yet barely truly started living for the present. I’m finally enjoying my time here and now..

  • Piper

    such a lovely reminder – it’s amazing how much time is spent worrying or stressing – instead of just living. love that thought!!

  • Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

    I love the graphic you created here. And of course, the sentiment. So true yet so easy to forget in the day-to-day grind. Hope you are off and living this week, my dear!

  • Eva

    Gloria – Oh, gosh… I think we all are. This should be something that is so easy, but it’s actually really difficult, at least when you’re starting out (in my experience).

    Marjorie Rose – Haha… thank you, but I doubt it. That’s wonderful that you’re already where you need to be.. some people, like I wrote, never truly live. I have moments, but I’m still working at making it 24/7.

    Piper – Thank you, and so true!

    Kayla – Thank you! I felt like it needed to be extra positive and happy so I just had to add in that yellow. I hope you’re living, too! : )

  • Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    Eva, you’re always such an inspiration. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to balance time on the computer (which never feels like living) with time out, exploring and seeing friends. Maybe that’s a sign of something…

  • Sally @ ourdreamlives

    Love this post… sometimes I feel like I should put up signs around the place to remind myself!! It’s hard not to get bogged down in stress/worry at times, but I do try to make the most of opportunities as they come along :)

  • Rachael

    I love this post. I always try to ‘live’. And obviously I am, but never in the way I really want. I really need to stop that!

  • yaga

    The quote you were looking for might be this one: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Oscar Wilde
    This is something everyone should spend a lifetime on perfecting… and can!
    have a great day!
    Shiny Bubbles