The real price of a rhino horn is more than just a number

When I tried thinking of where I’d seen rhinoceroses before, I couldn’t come up with a single place other than Babar where the rhinos were made out to be the not-so-nice-guys. But I’ve never heard about rhinos being aggressive or friendly… or anything, really. That’s why it’s that much more devastating to me that these shy creatures are facing such horrors all so that people can get some big bucks off of their horns. Please read my One Green Planet article to find out more about rhinos in today’s time and what you can do to help them out. Thank you!

(Original image source: Save the Rhino)
  • Ana

    I need to share this. Thanks so much for posting this.

  • marjorie rose

    The older I get, the more heartbroken I get over the way we humans treat our world and its inhabitants. I really believe that education is the key. Speaking of which, I’m off to read your article now…

  • Elisa

    That is awful. What is wrong with people? Why do they have to ruin everything just for money? How is money worth the cruelty? I simply cannot understand.

  • Eva

    Thank you for reading my article and spreading the word! I don’t understand either, but it’s reassuring to me to read your comments and know you all feel the same way. Hopefully more and more people will start to feel like this and the horror will end.

  • Misty :)

    Omg, this is so sad! I knew people killed Rhino’s for their horns, but I had no idea how much they were worth and how often people killed them. This is just terrible!

    I really really hope that the government is able to put a stop to this. I am definitely going to go sign those 2 petitions when I am done here. Thanks for sharing this. Its really sad to read, but it is very insightful and lets us know we can do something to try and help the animals!

  • Nikela

    Thank you so much for posting about the Rhino! I know we have already said how much we love your blog, but seriously we love it!

  • Eva

    Misty – Thanks so much for signing the petitions! If only the government stopped themselves from buying into it!

    Nikela – Thank you, again, for visiting my blog! I’m so glad you love it and that you work to help animals, too!