Life tip #26: Communicate

Thank you for all of your super nice comments on my Friday post about Kuba’s return! You’re all amazing and I’m lucky to have you as my readers. I’m almost caught up on all of your blogs and all there is to do with the internet, ha!

A couple days ago, I watched the movie Glory for the first time. There’s a scene where one of the soldiers leaves base and is caught. His punishment is to have his back whipped multiple times in front of everyone. The person who gave the order to proceed with the punishment later finds out that the solider had left base to look for better shoes because his feet were in extreme pain, bleeding, and even unrecognizable (it was quite a gruesome movie). New, good quality shoes were given to the soldiers almost immediately. Had there only been communication beforehand, suffering would have ended sooner rather than been added on and to such a degree. So much pain and negativity could have been completely avoided.

I tend to stew over things others do that bother me and then explode in either a letter/email or in person, but I’m doing my best to say exactly what is bothering me in the moment (with a little time to think about what to say beforehand). It may create a bit of an uncomfortable conversation, but it passes soon enough and a friendship is mended rather than destroyed forever.

These are just a couple of examples. I find that communication is lacking in most relationships all over the world: intimate relationships, family, friendships, work, strangers, etc. Even with blogs, it seems that many just leave a comment here and there, but don’t bother to continue a conversation by answering questions or responding to a thoughtful comment.

Do you think you communicate fairly well with the relationships in your life? Are there some areas you need to (drastically) improve? Do you have any communication tips you’d like to share of your own?