Life tip #27: Eat (more) local, fresh, & raw foods

Welcome (back) to Four Leaf Clover, I hope each one of you had a great weekend! And I hope that weekend was filled with at least a little bit of local, fresh, and/or raw foods! You may remember that I’ve been trying to eat more healthy and raw foods and it wasn’t until I started doing this that I realized just how much of the food we eat is cooked, fried, baked, etc. Then there’s the matter of food flying in from miles away even though a healthier, tastier version is more than likely available closer to home.

I strongly believe that food is our main source of energy and determines so much of our lives: how we feel mind and body. The type of food you eat, not just if it’s in the “healthy” area, is equally important. You may be eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away, but whether or not that apple is local, fresh, and not genetically modified makes a difference.

If you’ve never been to a farmers’ market before, I strongly suggest it. Not only will you be able to interact and get a better understanding of where your food came from, you’ll be able to pick and choose exactly what you want to pay for. Even though I don’t know much German, I still love the atmosphere of the farmers’ market here. Just make sure that your food is still fresh, local, and GMO-free, you can never be too sure. If you don’t have a farmers’ market near you, scout out the local (or at least closer to home) produce in your grocery store.

Buying local helps make sure your food is safer and fresher, the local farmers and workers in your area, and the environment since you’re cutting down your carbon footprint immensely by avoiding all of that extra transportation and chemicals/pesticides.

By eating raw, you’re getting the most out of that specific food. When you cook, even just a tiny bit, you’re losing many valuable nutrients. Simmering is the best option if something can’t be eaten raw or if you’d like to ease into eating more raw foods. The more you begin to accept a certain diet, the more methods you find of eating it in a tasty and healthy way.

Do you eat as local, fresh, and raw as you can? This is something I need to work on more. What healthy eating tips do you do or need to start doing?

  • Krystal/Village

    hey hey hey!! any updates on school since i read about it last?? are you going to be able to make it next week to zurich???? and i love the farmers market here, i need to do it more often!

  • Diane

    I followed you over from the See Beautiful blog. You also have a beautiful blog in photos and content. Love the pics of the castle and have also stayed up till 3AM waiting for a cat to come home (he was leash trained after that and lived to be 18 years old). Keep up the good work and I will check in again soon. I am now following your blog. Have a wonderful and beautiful week. ~Diane

  • Lydia @ See Beautiful

    So happy to see people are finding your through See Beautiful! Yippee! Also, I loved the way your post reads Eat (more) local, fresh, raw….I like that it means I can eat more. :)

  • Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    I’m already doing this! And I have this incredible study I need to send to you about eating local and eating animals. I found it so fascinating.

  • ashley // chasing heartbeats

    The farmer’s market was the first place I really practiced my german and I probably embarrassed myself a lot in the beginning (and maybe still do). Going to the market on saturday morning is one of my favorite parts of the weekend. I have been eating super healthy lately and I find myself craving fruits and veggies even more than normal, and thankfully organic produce is not nearly here as in the US!

  • ashley // chasing heartbeats

    not nearly as EXPENSIVE. oops.

  • Eva

    Awesome! You’re all local food lovers, too! :)

    Krystal – Ha, I’m the same way.. if only it wasn’t just a morning thing where I live!

    Diane – I’m so glad you clicked on over from See Beautiful, looked around, and liked what you saw! Your summer post today has me thinking I need to spend these last few days out in the sun as much as possible.

    Lydia – I didn’t even notice the “eat more” like that, ha! Thanks for pointing it out.

    Brandi – Please do! I’m very intrigued now.

    Ashley – You’re right, often times I find that purchasing the organic (or “bio” as they call it here) version is better money-wise, not just in health/taste.

  • Various vegetarian recipes

    caution also consume raw foods. now many preservatives food is very dangerous and possibly also residual pesticides seep into the fruit or vegetables. nice blog