Life tip #30: Take a break

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I sure did and I cannot wait to share photos of it with you! You may have seen my “sneak peak” on Twitter and/or Facebook. ;)

Don’t worry, I’m not taking a break from Four Leaf Clover, but I am taking a break from life tips every single Monday. Next Monday I’ll be England and I haven’t got a clue what awaits me when it comes to time and how I’ll be managing my daily posts so I’ll just post life tips as they come to me. I thought, it being the 30th life tip, this was a good breaking point.

In Europe, I’ve noticed that vacations are taken much more often than I ever saw in the United States. My father would always say that the two weeks he got in the US was nothing compared to the vacation time over here and it’s true, even to this day. Resting is a vital part of human life, (why do you think we have weekends?) but not everyone gives themselves the time they need.

My life tip for you is to know when to take a break. Do something different, new, and fun this coming weekend or plan on something for a few weeks down the road (make sure to take time off work if need be to make sure you stick with it!). I hope you’ve taken a vacation this summer, but if you haven’t… there’s still a few days left before fall is fully here!

When something gets too overwhelming, just take a break from it. It’ll be better in the long run. Even the small things. If you’ve been at the computer for hours, go take a walk. If you’ve been writing a paper for days, go meditate for a few minutes to relax. Know when to take a break and do it! When’s the last time you did that for yourself?