Think about it.

It seems that, no matter how many times we hear/read messages like this, they don’t stick. So here’s another reminder presented in a very clever way. There is not much to add to this post beyond wishing you good luck with absorbing this message and reflecting it through every day life.

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  • girl in oslo

    Great message:)

    Have a nice Sunday.

  • Brandi {not your average ordinary}

    Brilliant list. I sometimes stop and reflect on life and there’s not a single thing I regret or instance that I feel was a mistake. I’ve gained so much from my past experience, whether it be knowledge or friends or love.

  • Lydia @ See Beautiful

    Oh, I can make it stick. It’s too important to forget. Why imagine anything else that could be so negative. Too much fun seeing beautiful!

  • Julie-White Tapestry

    Definitely something to think about, thanks for the inspirational reminder!

  • Zoya

    What a great assignment, think I need to print it and put it somewhere where I will be reminded of it everyday so that I don’t forget to do my homework :P

  • Elisa

    This is an amazing way to look at things. Every single point can change life for the better if we just stick to it! Not, to actually stick to it :-)

  • larry

    lessons infer someone is training you and “lessons” imply a graduation or an inferred goal. Lessons implies a positive attitude to “circumstantial challenges”.
    Goals are subjective, transitions are arbitrary. Much of this is the rotation of the wheel of life.
    I agree with most of the points exept my point regarding the term Lessons.
    There is always a limit to comprehension, otherwise we would go mad in heaven.

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  • Helen

    Brilliant, just brilliant!