Steps you can take to love yourself

How To Love Yourself
The more spiritual words I read, the more I realize that the majority of our “problems” come down to how well we love ourselves. The other day, I saw this list on That Kind Of Woman and it reminded me of the list I had posted a while back called “Here is your assignment…” which resonated with many of you. After looking for this list online, I found this article by the author of the list (including forgive yourself and have fun which are not included), Louise L. Hay. I wanted to share this fantastic list with you in hopes that it would open your eyes and nudge you to love yourself that bit more. When you love yourself fully, you’re able to love others that much more as well. What do you think? How are you in the self-love area? Which of these do you need to work on the most? Which is your favorite? What are tips of your own?

(Original image from A Portrait of the English Major as a Young Woman)
  • Greenderella

    Thank you for this great list! One thing I feel as I’m getting older is that I care less about what other people think about me. I more and more know what I want in life and what I don’t and that gives me an inner strenght and I feel at peace with myself. I guess that is also a process of loving and accepting yourself more. But I still have some ways to go :-D

  • krystal/villagea

    and you are so much more content with life…love this!

  • Vishnu

    Such an awesome list here Eva! Probably one of the most important lessons we can teach ourselves or practices we can take on in our lives – to love ourselves more. Loving ourselves more will allow us to improve everything within ourselves as well as our relationship with others. Let’s forgive, be kind, love, and support ourselves more so we can extend the same to others.

  • Helen

    What a wonderful list, thank you so much for sharing! I definitely need more self love…it’s something I find hard, being a mother of two, all my love seems to go outwards, all the time, and I constantly have to remember to make a little ‘me’ time, so that I too remember that I’m worthy of love and need loving!!!