5 Skills Everybody Should Have

I love positive messages like these and little reminders to improve my life and how I can help improve the lives of all those around me (or miles away, for that matter).

While it can be absolutely wonderful to hold company with others, some of the best moments in your life will be those when you’re enjoying the company of none other than yourself and loving it!

Giving a compliment and having it brushed off is never a pleasant feeling… you want to make that person’s day a little brighter or just let them know they’ve got killer style, smile, personality, etc.

Number three on this list almost makes me chuckle. Ever try and try to keep a conversation going, but find that you’re the only one asking questions and showing interest? Yeah… Definitely something that can be learned, though!

Asking for feedback (or help of any kind) can make a world of difference. Never be too proud to help yourself by asking for help. People love helping others, so give them the chance to help you out every once in a while!

Ever notice that when others use your name in conversation, it makes you feel nice and like you’re truly their main focus? I think I’ve even read about a study that showed that people like hearing their own name.

What do you think of these skills? What skill(s) would you add to the list?

(Original image from: Real Simple, November 2013)