A little bit about me

My name is Eva and I’m the writer of Four Leaf Clover. I recently graduated from my Ecology & Wildlife Conservation degree course at Bournemouth University in beachy Bournemouth, England and am visiting my family in Switzerland.

Lately, some of my favorite things to do include working on FLC, visiting my boyfriend, editing my book which I’ve been working on off-and-on for a few years, making and eating vegan foods, spending time with my family (cats included), reading, listening to music, bike-riding, yoga, running, traveling, and many more activities/hobbies.

I’ve lived in Europe, USA, and Canada and have traveled to Asia and Africa. I’ve always been an animal lover, treehugger and one to help those in need. However, it was when I became a vegetarian in 2004 that I got active in my desire to help the world and all those in it.

I’d been thinking about starting a blog for a few years, but it wasn’t until late 2010 that I finally put that thinking into action. I wanted to have a place where it would be easy for others to take part in helping the world. I believe that everyone can do their part to heal this beautiful world of ours as well as themselves. We all have the potential to be the best version of ourselves possible. Four Leaf Clover is not only a resource to help others to improve their lifestyles, but a constant reminder and way of development for myself.

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