Think about it.

It seems that, no matter how many times we hear/read messages like this, they don’t stick. So here’s another reminder presented in a very clever way. There is not much to add to this post beyond wishing you good luck with absorbing this message and reflecting it through every day life.

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Ban the tiger trade in China

Thanks to a retweet I saw the other day, a petition from Tiger Time was brought to my attention and now I share it with you. Please sign this petition to help put an end to the tiger trade in China. I’ve written about the devastation that tigers suffer multiple times here on FLC and it’s about time these majestic creatures start to flourish in the wild once again. Please share and sign, thank you!

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Let us fight

Wow! This video has popped up a few times on my Facebook newsfeed and I finally watched it today. I’ve somehow never watched The Great Dictator, which is the movie that this speech is from and was written by actor and comedian Charlie Chaplin. Take what you will from it. I found it motivational and thought-provoking. The reminder to show love keeps showing itself everywhere.

New year, new you: love now

I hope your new year has started off marvelously! Mine has really been something special and each day brings something new and exciting. Living in the moment makes such a huge positive difference, I wish I’d know this was the way to live from the start of my life. But no worries, I know now and am reaping the benefits. If anything, this is the biggest progress I’ve seen in myself since starting FLC over a year ago.

This year, for me (and hopefully for you, too… if it’s not already), will be the year of love. I recently read that we should approach everyone and everything with love and wondered why I hadn’t been doing this already. It reminded me of my respect post, but specifically with people.

Everyone deserves love and should be shown love. Love others, love yourself, love your life, love the world. Sooner than you know it, you’ll realize that the world has been shining its love on you all along, maybe you just haven’t been open to it.

How has your 2012 been so far? Do you live in the moment? Have you been for a long time? Do you know what the heck I’m talking about? Ha!

Happy 2012!

Heeello!! I am back, hopefully for good! If you’ve visited FLC within the past few weeks, you may have noticed some issues, but those are all gone now and I’m thinking things will be much more stable around here from now on. Because of all of the technical problems, I didn’t even get a chance to celebrate a year of Four Leaf Clover with all of you. It all began in December last year and it definitely has been a better year than before. FLC and all of you have had a huge part in making that happen. I’m sure 2012 will continue on this amazing path. I sure hope it will be for you as well. Thank you for visiting, sticking around, and I’ll see you in 2012. Happy New Year!!