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Dream a new dream

Similarly to how I posted a photograph from Bern for my quote following my travel post a couple weeks ago, I decided to highlight this particular photo from my Basel visits. I loved the design of the window and especially what it created on the floor. It reminds me of a spade from a deck […]

Plenty of culture and energy in Basel

Basel is the third most populated city in all of Switzerland. It’s an industrial center that is also full of culture. Some of the best chocolate is made and sold in Basel (I know, I was lucky enough to taste it!). The city has some of the warmest weather and the least amount of fog […]

This little girl went to the Christmas market

On Wednesday, I went to Basel, Switzerland and was lucky enough to have gone while it held it’s annual Christmas Market. From some of the things I’ve read, it appears to be the largest and most traditional Christmas market in Switzerland. The Christmas lights hanging from the buildings were quite a sight on their own. […]