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5 links & a video + thank you!

Thank you so much for the over 1,000 comments!! I waited a bit because I know the comment number counts my own comments as well, but I think I’m well beyond that point. You’re all so fantastic and each comment helps keep this blog and me going! And it’s about time I post a round-up […]

My first One Green Planet article!

A few weeks ago, One Green Planet asked me to write a monthly column for them. Of course, I said yes! “One Green Planet is an online ecosystem that draws links between the world of ecology, the environment and vegan living.” Today they posted my very first article that I wrote for them. I chose […]

It’s way past time for Canada to end the seal hunt

The annual Canadian seal hunt is the issue I care most about and strive the hardest to put to an end. Maybe it’s because seals were my very first favorite animal as a child and most likely because I’m Canadian (among other places, but Canada has always been my favorite… it’s where I spent my […]