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Release Morgan back into the wild

On the 23rd of June 2010, a young orca named Morgan was found swimming near the Netherlands with deteriorating health. The Dolfinarium Harderwijk got a permit to bring Morgan to a healthy state and release her, but unfortunately she was never released and is currently still held in captivity. I stumbled upon Morgan’s sad story […]

A cat cuddles and plays with a group of dolphins

I share quite a lot of videos with all of you, but with videos as adorable as this, how could I not? I saw this video on the Huffington Post last night and was tempted to share it immediately, but as it was already so late and I had a nice vegan breakfast theme going, […]

End the Faroe Islands’ killing of dolphins & whales

I’m sure you’ve heard of The Cove where thousands of dolphins are killed each year, but have you heard of the dolphin and whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands’? Every year, the people of the Faroe Islands’ (located between Great Britain and Iceland) kill hundreds of pilot whales and dolphins. They use their boats to […]