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Bloggers Day of Silence [For Japan With Love]

As I mentioned in my last Japan post, I’ll be participating in the ‘Bloggers Day of Silence’ on Friday, 18 March. Lydia of Ever Ours and Lucia & Henny of Utterly Engaged have asked for donations and have created the ‘Bloggers Day or Silence’. You can find out more by clicking either one of their […]

Japan weighing heavily on hearts and minds all over the world

I’m taking a break from life tips this week to focus on what’s going on in Japan.  I’m only going to post this one feature about Japan today because it would feel wrong to post a few of the other things I was planning on. It’s been hard to think about anything other than Japan […]

Saved and made pretty

There’s a really cool website called Do the Green Thing that fills you in on how you can make your life greener and they sell clothes too. Now, these clothes aren’t your usual pieces of clothing. I’ve already heard about their neat method of lending gloves a helping hand and now they’ve added t-shirts to […]


As soon as I get online, first I check my email and then I do my daily clicks. They only take a couple minutes but they’re so worth it! (I must add here, though, that the amount of time it takes probably also depends on your internet connection and how distracted you get during each […]