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Cott-on to fashion

You’ve probably been hearing about organic food for a few years now, but something not mentioned all that often is organic clothing. Just like what you put in your body makes a difference on your health and well-being, so does what you put on your body. Not only that, but clothing has a huge impact […]

Tea in the morning

I start every morning with a cup of green tea. I drink a variety of teas throughout the day, but I always make sure that my first tea of the day is green. Why green? There are many reasons. The most important being that green tea is one of the healthiest of all teas, if […]


As soon as I get online, first I check my email and then I do my daily clicks. They only take a couple minutes but they’re so worth it! (I must add here, though, that the amount of time it takes probably also depends on your internet connection and how distracted you get during each […]