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The real price of a rhino horn is more than just a number

When I tried thinking of where I’d seen rhinoceroses before, I couldn’t come up with a single place other than Babar where the rhinos were made out to be the not-so-nice-guys. But I’ve never heard about rhinos being aggressive or friendly… or anything, really. That’s why it’s that much more devastating to me that these […]

The truth about sharks

I feel that all of the issues I write about for One Green Planet are extremely important, but I didn’t quite notice just how important this one was until I wrote my article The Silent Decline of Sharks and How You Can Help Turn it Around. Sharks are imperative to our lives and they’re not […]

Help bring the wild tiger back from the brink of extinction (this month’s One Green Planet article)

I’ve written about tigers a few times before because they are in grave danger of becoming extinct within the next few years… if we don’t help them. I’ve written an article for One Green Planet that describes the many problems facing tigers and then some ways that everyone can help them. Please read it to […]

A world without bees is a world without humans

For my second One Green Planet article, I wrote about the plight of bees and how it will effect everyone and everything in this world. I’ve touched upon this subject before in a previous post of mine, but this article is much more elaborate and even I learned many things I didn’t know before when […]

My first One Green Planet article!

A few weeks ago, One Green Planet asked me to write a monthly column for them. Of course, I said yes! “One Green Planet is an online ecosystem that draws links between the world of ecology, the environment and vegan living.” Today they posted my very first article that I wrote for them. I chose […]