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Life tip #20: Drink plenty of tea

Good Monday to all of you! A little while back I asked for you to share your life tips with me and the lovely Brandi of Not Your Average Ordinary shared quite a few! One she suggested was “take time for tea” and, if you know me or have been around here on Four Leaf […]

Tea made extra sweet: animal testing taken out of Unilever tea

Remember my Keep animal testing out of your tea cup post? Great news: they did! Unilever has agreed to stop their cruel animal tests immediately! It’s so rare that I read those words so I was so excited to read that last night. I was about to write about it on here for all of […]

11 reasons why you should drink more green tea

As you know, I love tea and I drink a cup of green tea every single morning. I saw this today and had to share it with you! I spotted this on Jolie Marie!’s tumblr which led me to thinmint’s tumblr. As far as I know, that is the original source because I couldn’t trace it […]

Keep animal testing out of your tea cup

[UPDATE: Unilever has stopped testing their teas on animals!] Don’t you hate it when you buy something only to find out it isn’t all that great? Lipton’s tea is leaving a bad taste in my mouth and it’s because their parent company tests on animals. Why in the world is anyone testing tea on animals?! […]

Movies making a difference

I watched a few movie trailers today over at Apple’s iTunes movie trailers page and I thought it’d be nice to round up all of the movies that I’d like to watch this year about making a difference and changing the world for the better. The first two are the ones I watched earlier today and […]

Tea in the morning

I start every morning with a cup of green tea. I drink a variety of teas throughout the day, but I always make sure that my first tea of the day is green. Why green? There are many reasons. The most important being that green tea is one of the healthiest of all teas, if […]