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Fruit smoothies go great with everything… especially vegan French toast

I think it’s safe to say I spoiled myself the day this was my breakfast (although, I didn’t eat all of it myself). Thanks to my Thursday fasting, I’ve been taking extra time to make a scrumptious breakfast the following morning. I found this delicious and simple recipe on the wonderful VegWeb. French toast is another one […]

I won a giveaway! Mail + books: what’s not to love?

Can you tell how happy I am to have won these books? Rachel of Eat and Write had a whole week of giveaways and offered not one, but two books (shown above), on one of her days. The two books are The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen and The Oxford Book of Health Foods: The […]

Simple shoes for a happy planet

I found out about Simple Shoes when looking for eco-friendly products on dELiA*s. I not only found eco-friendly shoes, but ones that had “vegan” in the title with the slogan “Going Vegan never looked so good!” They’re the ones I’ve featured below. Unfortunately, they’re no longer available, but I still wanted to know more about […]

The delicious taste of samosas in a bowl

Allow me to introduce to you one of my new favorite dishes. I’ve made this three times already and while working on this post right now, I’m shocked I didn’t make it a forth time (thank you, fasting)! When I lived in London, I did a summer internship with PETA Europe. They covered my lunch […]

Simple six ingredient pancakes

As I mentioned in the previous post, pancakes were one of the breakfast foods that I was worried I’d be missing out on since turning vegan. Then I found this super simple recipe and will never have to fear again! I can’t believe I ever used to make pancakes out of a box when this […]

The most important meal of the day

peanut butter orange marmalade waffle apple oat granola with unsweetened almond milk “bacon and egg” breakfast sandwich with raspberry smoothie French toast granola with yogurt marzipan muffin, tea, agave nectar and almond milk banana muffin with espresso peaches & cream pancakes I used to worry that because of switching to a vegan diet, I’d be […]

Super soft chocolate chunk cookies

I’ve only ever followed one vegan chocolate chip recipe and my cookies came out hard so this time around I specifically looked for a soft recipe. I found this recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen and let me tell you… they were good! The first time I made them (Saturday right before Earth Hour) they […]

The best brownies I’ve ever eaten

I’ve only ever made brownies out of a box and they were always non-vegan. This is the first time I’ve ever made brownies from scratch and they turned out so much better than I expected! Everyone loved them. They were the perfect amount of light and moist. I’ve been dreaming about them ever since the […]

Homemade hummus

Hummus has become one of my very favorite foods and it’s become a staple for my diet ever since I became a vegan vegetarian living in London. It was rare to not find hummus in every store containing food. In Indiana there were a few stores that had a variety of hummus. Switzerland… not so […]

Ecolissa: where fashion meets eco

Ecolissa is an online shop that specializes in dresses and easy to wear separates that are eco-friendly and vegan. Their clothing is made up of materials such as bamboo, hemp, modal/tencel, organic cotton, reclaimed materials, and soy. Many of the products they sell are also fair trade. As a vegan I choose to only purchase and wear […]