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Massive victory for whales & the world!

When you share petition after petition after petition for years, you hope to one day hear the wonderful news that the change you’ve been waiting and wishing for has finally arrived. Well, today was that marvelous day! I woke up to this lovely news on my Facebook newsfeed this morning and have seen it everywhere […]

Hope for Orangutans: Kellogg’s committing to sustainable palm oil

Over three years ago, I wrote about two Girl Scouts challenging Kellogg’s to drop palm oil from their Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies in order to protect endangered animals such as the orangutans and tigers, rainforests and tribes in Borneo and Sumatra. It may have seemed like a long time coming, but we finally have […]

Remember those poor dogs in the Ukraine?

Well, do I have fabulous news for you! If you tried signing the “Stop the cruel killing of street dogs in Ukraine‏” petition not too long after I posted it, then you probably weren’t able to sign it and saw the message above‏ instead. This has been going on for years, my brother recently informed […]

Good news to brighten your day & give you hope

Oh, how I love sharing good news with all of you, especially when there’s so much of it that I need to share it all in one post. The days are getting away from me, but I couldn’t wait to share this information, especially since I’ve mentioned many of these issues and topics before, so […]

Good news all around: Portland, Peru, & Puma

Lately, there’s been so much good news, I had to write up one single post to fit it all! There was even more than this, but I decided to cut it down and just feature these three great bits of news. 1. Portland Oregon is the Latest City to Ban Plastic Bags: This ban that […]

A victory for sharks is a victory for the world

This news made me so happy when I read it yesterday on BBC News. The Bahamas have not only banned shark finning, but any kind of shark fishing plus they’ve made the fines bigger for those who are caught shark fishing! I recently wrote an article for One Green Planet which I’ll hopefully be able […]

Circus animals in the UK can release a sigh of relief

Great and surprising news: the UK unanimously voted to end the use of wild animals in circuses! Ever since footage of elephant Anne being abused was released, the public has shown an outpouring of support in favor of a UK wild animal circus ban. At first it looked quite promising that there would be a […]

Australia suspends live exports

I love getting good news in my email! This morning I found out that Australia has suspended live exports for up to six months to give them time to figure out the best way to regulate live exports. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, please check out my take action post on banning […]

A heartwarming tale of a dog saved three weeks after the tsunami

I’ve been keeping up with the news about Japan and I was shocked and elated when I saw this story on the Huffington Post. The story just kept getting better when I watched

Apple and Intel clean up their act

Apple and Intel have promised to stop using conflict minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo thanks to the Conflict-Free Smelter program. According to an article from Switched (which I found through HuffingtonPost): Beginning next year, all U.S. companies will be required by law to disclose their mineral supplies and identify any purchases that may […]