History for Movies

Life tip #15: Respect

Every time I write, see, think the word “respect”, I want to bust out in song (which, now that I’ve found the song to link here for this post, I’ll gladly listen to while writing this out). “R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Find out what it means to me!” Well, respect has a lot of meaning to me, and […]

For every bear that ever there was

I’ve thought this short film by Kane Longden was lovely ever since I first had the pleasure of watching it a little less that a year ago. Kane is now 18 and this is the very first short film he’s made (posted in September 2010). This video is so sweet and I imagine every parent […]

Magical snowflakes

I found this short film by Joe Simon on The Owl Diary. Joe Simon is a wedding cinemetographer who lives in Austin, TX. He wanted to capture the abnormal snowfall in Austin and came up with this lovely little film. The forecast can’t make up it’s mind on whether or not it’ll snow here in […]