Swedish family to attempt a One Tonne Life

This morning while watching BBC news, a short clip was shown of a Swedish family who was moving into an eco-home for a six month long experiment. The daughter had entered her family into a contest and won. The Lindell family will live in this home supplied with an electric car and try to eliminate their footprint from the average seven tons to one ton. The project is called One Tonne Life. I was happy to find the whole clip online, but the article that went along with it didn’t give me too much information. After looking around, I was happy to stumble upon none other than two of my go-to websites for all things green, among other things: inhabitat and Care2. I’d seen both of these posts before, but being able to actually see the family today and hear their thoughts on the project piqued my interest.

The home is designed by architect Gert Wingårdh and is powered by solar energy along with many other eco-friendly attributes. Inhabitat states that “[t]he One Tonne Life project was started and sponsored by Swedish wooden home builder A-hus, renewable energy firm Vattenfall and car maker Volvo.”

I love all the white in the home and that painting behind the family. This is such a great experiment and I can’t wait to hear about the outcome. Lucky family!

(All images clickable straight to source: OneTonneLife.com, inhabitat.com)