Guest Feature: The Veda House

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Cassie’s blog The Veda House about a month ago and was surprised to read that she had recently started her blog, just like me! On her blog, she shares her life through her posts that show her lovely designs. There’s always something new and unexpected at the Veda House. Check out my interview with Cassie and find out about her great team up with the organization Nest below!

Four Leaf Clover: There are so many wonderful blogs out there, what made you decide to start a blog and how do you think The Veda House stands out from other blogs?

The Veda House: One of my best friends and I spent the last 3 years running A Design Mafia, a design blog that posts about all things in the design community. A couple months ago I felt that I needed a new outlet where I could talk about all my little adventures and share my crafty side. I think the Veda House fits nicely into the crafting/DIY/thrifting niche. The community is strong and everyone is so great. I believe my voice is what makes my blog stand out against the rest as well as my background in design.

FLC: Blogging goes by so fast and there’s always so much to write about. How do you see your blog improving and changing in the next few weeks?

Veda: My main goal is just to document as much as I can. I also hope to discover a ton of amazing blogs, start to find my place in the design community and grow my readership. For me, the main thing is that I continue to have fun. Once it becomes a hassle I’ll reassess and go from there.

FLC: The Veda House is full of your own material whether it’s pictures or designs. What type of designing do you do outside of your blog?

Veda: I got my degree in Graphic Design and now I am currently working at an advertising agency. My role at the agency is Digital Art Director, which means I work on a variety of campaigns including digital and traditional print. I’m a HUGE fan of typography and book design, so I try to get my hands on those kind of projects when I can. Recently, I got a comment from a friend that went a little like this, “Do you spend your days and nights designing and being crafty?” The answer is: absolutely! It just so happens that my day job is also my hobby!

FLC: Everyone needs inspiration, but I find that designers need it sometimes more than others. Who and what inspires you?

Veda: I’m a very visual person. I remember things in pictures, not facts. So for me, this means that most of my inspiration comes from visual sources. I subscribe to a ton of style and design magazines, watch a lot of movies, search the internet constantly, take a TON of photos and share everything I find with the people I surround myself with.

FLC: This isn’t so much a question, but I think it’s a nice way to get to know someone a little better and maybe look at the world through their eyes even if just for a moment: Describe a perfect day for you.

Veda: I see a perfect day being a summer day of course. I’m definitely a warm weather birdie. I see myself sleeping in a bit without the puppy waking me up or the cat meowing in my face. I see myself sitting in front of the TV with a massive bowl of frosted flakes and a cup of chai tea. I then see myself slowly getting ready for the day and then the next several hours spent hopping from one thrift/antique store to the next. Throw in a mac & cheese lunch and a book store and we’re golden. The afternoon is spent at home with the windows open and blogging away. I take a break to take the dog for a walk and return to some more blogging. I’ll read a chapter or two from the book I’m reading and then decide I should make something to eat for dinner. The boy and I cook dinner together and then spend the evening cuddling in front of the TV watching our favorite TV series.

I’ve recently partnered up with NEST, a non-profit organization that is empowering female artists all over the world. Since I’m a female artist of sorts, I feel very connected to this group’s mission statement. I adore how hands on this group of individuals are and how their dedication to the cause is ever-growing. Not only is NEST helping women in developing countries it is also connecting these women with local artists from the US. This allows the women to share “tricks of the trade” and learn from one another.

Nest has its roots based in my current town, St. Louis, but has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. If you’re in the United States there are plenty of ways to get involved. Getting involved could mean becoming Facebook friends with NEST, donating a little money here and there, or even becoming a NEST intern this coming summer! Hop over to or to view all the other suggested ways to get involved.


26 January 2011 - 3:35 pm

Love your interview with Veda and adore that she’s not only talented, but philanthropic too!! Heading over to check her site~

26 January 2011 - 10:06 pm

NEST sounds so amazing and inspiring – thank you for sharing!

27 January 2011 - 6:26 pm

Thanks designchic and Gloria for reading this post and checking out Cassie’s blog and Nest!

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