Eco-friendly in my little jungle


Welcome to my jungle! 🌿

Just kidding… this is only 3 of my 20ish plants 😂

Pact had their amazing, super durable leggings on sale for $19 and I snagged a pair! After loving the first pair so much, I had to get another. They’re so comfortable and they’re actually still on sale for $19!

This entire outfit is Pact! Leggings, sweatshirt, t-shirt, socks, and even my bra and underwear – all Pact and all eco-friendly, fair trade, sustainable, ethical, you name it!

I love supporting this company and I hope you will consider saying no to fast fashion, too! Pact has their Black Friday sale going on right now and their deals are always incredible!

Use code BLACKFRIDAY ☺️ 💚

Do you have a favorite sustainable/ethical brand you support? Let me know!

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