Snow days were always some of my very favorite

I’ve been hearing from so many how they’ve had enough of snow and winter, but I absolutely love it and haven’t had enough! I wanted to share these photos with you to remind you of the beauty of snow and winter. So many of my friends keep telling me about all the snow they’re getting in Indiana and I’m so jealous! I wrote earlier that Switzerland hasn’t disappointed me with the amount of snow, but it’s become a touch and go (quite literally) deal. One day will be full of beautiful snowfalls and the next it melts. I’m so glad I was able to go on a walk in the woods on these days.

This house really stood out to me; must have been the green shutters against the brick.

The forests were full of animal tracks. This tree had clearly been nibbled on by deer. I was really hoping to spot one, but my surroundings were completely quiet except for a single woodpecker.

The photos of me were taken by my brother, Robert.

I love the way snow covered pine trees look off in the distance.

Those mountains are none other than the Swiss Alps! They looked massive this day.

This was another day more recently. I went on a path that I’ve never been on here before and I was able to see this little town completely different because of it.

There are only a couple homes like this here and I absolutely love them! They look like Playmobile homes with the added bit of color and the look of fresh wood.

I’d recently seen a photo of a frozen waterfall and wished I could see one in person. My wish came true! I had no idea about this place before this walk.

This tree had its very own sign. It was all in German so, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to read it. It has no top and it’s twisted from top to bottom.

I soon realized that the forest was on the very edge of a big cliff.

There was a steep path that led to a lookout point with a bench and a small safety rail. I almost didn’t go over because I was worried about slipping on the snow and falling.

So, did I convince you that winter is full of beauty? Did you even need the reminder?