Where oh where shall I go? Help, please!

How do you like my map? Ha! This is a map I roughly made of the countries I’m interested in studying here in Europe. There are other continents I’d also love to include like Australia and North America, but it’s definitely much cheaper to go to school here. I’ve mentioned what I’d like to study in my most recent life tip and my interview with The Veda House, but I’ve not really filled you in. My entire life I thought everyone went to university immediately after high school; as a kid I didn’t know it was an option not to. Long story short, I’ve yet to go to school with a rollercoaster of ups-and-downs of wondering whether I really wanted to attend university and, if I did, what course and country. I’ve wanted to study creative writing since I was a child, but now I know I’d also like to attend a course on animal conservation or something in that area. Finding a school here in Europe that has a combination of those two courses and is in English is the difficult part.

I’d absolutely love to study in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm (these being my top three choices), Paris, Vienna, etc., but I’m going to be open minded about college now. Too many excuses have put me back and, at this point, I would just love to find a school anywhere in Europe as long as it’s English and has the courses I’m looking for.

So! I’m asking each and every one of you for help. If you live in any of the countries I’ve highlighted, I’d love to know if there are any universities you know of that offer courses in English. Even if I didn’t list the country and you know of others in Europe that have a university that might suit my needs, please let me know! After waiting for so long, I’m definitely open for any and all ideas. If you don’t live in Europe, that’s okay because I’d love to hear from you anyway. Have any of you by any chance studied a English Literature/Writing course of some kind? How about Biology/Zoology/Animal Conservation? Or even Environmental Science/Studies? Etc! If you have, could you summaries what you learned in that course, how you liked it, how necessary it was, and what job you have now? Any information you could give me I would more than appreciate. I can use all the help I can get!

You’re all so helpful and caring, I’m really hoping this helps out on my journey to where I want to be in life. If you read this, please please please leave a comment or email me!